Anufood Brazil: April 11-13 in Sao Paulo

Mon 02/01/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Brazil is a top destination for luxury products in South America and a prime market opportunity for high-end food and beverage goods. Considering imported food products fall into the premium category when reaching supermarket shelves, exporters of such items have real opportunities in retail and HRI sectors. During the pandemic, consumers sought ways to indulge themselves with permissible luxury items and found imported food a viable option. As the pandemic faded, retailers are looking for new products to capture that slice of income that is not spent on restaurants, entertainment, or other leisure possibilities.

Anufood Brazil – an Anuga-organised show – is the region’s newest food and beverage event and an effective way for companies to enter or expand into Brazil and the larger Latin American market. The event allows visitors to connect with over 10,000 of the market’s food industry professionals. The show will be an excellent opportunity for exporters of consumer-oriented products to test the market and develop a relationship with local distributors, retailers, and food service operators.  


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