Australia poised for record orange exports

Mon 02/01/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Australia’s orange production is expected to decline in 2022/23 to 505,000 tons from an estimated 535,000 tons in 2021/22. However, exports are forecast to rise to 180,000 tons from an estimated 145,000 tons in 2021/22, due to an anticipated substantial improvement in fruit quality. According to a USDA report, tangerine/mandarin production is forecast to reach 190,000 tons in 2022/23, a nine percent increase over 2020/21, with exports set to hit a record level of 90,000 tons.  After three successive years of La Niña weather conditions, expectations are for typical seasonal conditions in the coming year. Irrigation storage dams are at or near capacity supporting the citrus crop irrigation programme with low-cost traded water. The harvest labour shortage is expected to ease somewhat but remain tight. However, growers will continue to be impacted by high input costs for fertiliser, chemicals, energy and labour.


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