America’s berry sector commits to recyclable packaging

Wed 04/03/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
America’s berry sector commits to recyclable packaging

The berry sector is taking an important step in the direction of sustainability with the announcement by a group of major North American fresh berry producers that they will commit to using 100% recycle-ready packaging by 2025. The group includes the California Strawberry Commission, the North American Blueberry Council, Mexico’s Asociación National de Exportadores de Berries, the National Berry Crops Initiative, and South American exporters.

In his statement, Rick Tomlinson, president of the California Strawberry Commission, said: “Berry farming has a long history of innovation and leadership that once again came together to make this ambitious pledge. Achieving 100 percent recycle-ready packaging represents the type of continuous improvement that is common among farmers as they strive for ever improving efficiency.”

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