African avocado arrives on European markets

Wed 03/04/2019 by Richard Iwlkinson
African avocado arrives on European markets

Africa is becoming a major player in the booming avocado sector. Kenya’s avocado season started in March with demand high. The country’s production will compete with Peruvian produce which come onto the market with large volumes in May. Kenya expects to be able to begin exporting to China by the end of the season in August.

Meanwhile, South Africa has seen a lower harvest this year, partly due to a heat wave in October 2018, resulting in volumes down 35% compared with last year’s record-breaking season. The country’s export season has already begun, with the Hass variety currently being harvested. However, prices are much higher this year, with expectations for them to continue to rise until the end of May. This month represents a crucial window for South African exporters to benefit from relatively low availability on the European market, before Peruvian and Chilean avocados arrive.


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