68 million boxes of Mexican mango for 2019

Mon 29/07/2019 by Richard Wilkinson

Empacadoras de Mango de Exportación (EMEX) will turn 28 in October. It groups 75 mango packers in Mexico with a hydrothermal treatment plant for the export of mango to international markets, mainly to the United States, which accounts for 90% of total exports. In 2018, the Association exported 65 million boxes of 4 kilos, and the projection for 2019 is to achieve 5% more, that is 68 million. Francisco Javier Villegas Ontiveros, chairman of the board of directors, said, “Our main market is US, with more than 90%, followed by Canada with 7%, and the remaining 3% is distributed in Asia, Oceania and Europe. The reason for our presence at Fruit Logistica, for the second year in a row, is to diversify our markets, while promoting the export of mango by ship to the EU. We believe there is a lot to develop in this market.” EMEX coordinates mango packers and producers in terms of research, phytosanitation, post-harvest treatment, and packing improvement, marketing. It takes care of the interests of this industry, functioning as an assistant in the coordination with Mexican and foreign authorities in the development of activities to be carried out jointly in the handling of the mango, nurturing the necessary conditions for the proper functioning of the work programmes and for the general improvement of the industry.

2nd International Congress of Mango Producers and Packers

One of the functions of EMEX is to promote new technologies for its members, be they in the mechanisation of processes in the field, in cultivation work or in packaging. That is why in 2017 it set up an International Congress of Mango Producers and Packers. This year, on November 21 and 22, the second edition will be held in Puerto Vallarta, where companies can offer innovations, while researchers can present their work. “Mexico is the world’s leading mango exporter and its fifth producer. We must position our local industry and attract other mango producers and exporters around the world to build the same vision,” said Villegas.

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