Fruit Attraction 2021

Fruit Attraction 2021 incorporates new areas of Innovation, Research and Technology © Fruit Attraction

Madrid, 16 June 2021 – Fruit Attraction, a trade fair organised by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX, will hold a new edition from 5 to 7 October aimed at promoting the sector’s competitiveness and growth. For this, and with the aim of promoting innovation, research, technology and digitisation as fundamental keys to future growth, Hall 5 will bring together the three solutions and services areas related to agricultural sector innovation: Biotech Attraction; Smart Agro and Smart Water&Energy.

Biotech, the great challenges of the horticultural and agricultural sectors

The fruit and vegetable sector faces major issues and challenges that will restrict its capacity for growth, development and competitiveness, such as the opportunities and future of plant biotechnology, its impact on the environment, on industry and society; new digital solutions that add value to the entire agri-food chain; the improvement of production in terms of productivity and sustainability; technological solutions to irrigation; and new developments in energy efficiency aimed at fruit and vegetable farms, among others.

Likewise, agriculture faces new challenges presented by demographic growth, which will increase demand for raw materials, by preferences in consumption, by environmental and legal aspects, and by issues related to the globalisation of the economy. Overcoming these challenges requires an increase in the efficiency (higher productivity with fewer inputs), quality (nutritional, organoleptic) and sustainability (lower environmental impact, reuse of waste, etc.) of agriculture that can only be achieved through the application of new technological developments.

The knowledge generated in applied Plant Biology offers a set of strategic technologies (development of new plant varieties, bioinformatics, genomic editing techniques, agrobiologicals for plant nutrition and protection, revaluation of waste and circular economy, new plant sources for obtaining protein, bioproducts of plant origin with industrial, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, plant biofactories, etc., applications that will make it possible to get to grips with global challenges (productivity, sustainability, quality) faced by the agri-food sector.

Driven by this reality, Fruit Attraction 2021, with the collaboration of BIOVEGEN, is including the plant innovation hub in its BIOTECH ATTRACTION programme, aimed at bringing together and promoting technological innovation and innovation-based business development opportunities. A new specialised area, aimed at companies dedicated to research and technological development of plant genomics.

Smart Agro, precision technological solutions

Likewise, Smart Agro will once again be the specialised space for technology solutions companies in precision agriculture, focused on showing the latest developments in management products for agri-food companies and advanced mobility and analytics solutions, promoting agro-industrial transformation.

Fruit Attraction will also have the collaboration of AgroTech ESPAÑA, which aims to encourage and create business opportunities for agrotech. To this end, different initiatives, such as ´AgroTech Tours´, will be launched, which will allow producers and other agents in the sector to be put in contact with those ‘Techs’ that propose specific solutions. In short, to generate encounters between supply and demand.

Smart Water & Energy, water and renewable technologies

Fruit Attraction incorporates, also as a novelty, Smart Water & Energy, which is oriented to water and renewable technologies in the agri-food sector. Thus, SMART WATER is a new area with the goal of addressing the technological transformation of water in horticulture for the best and most efficient use of water and to improve crop productivity.   It is aimed at professional horticultural producers, and managers and technical directors of companies that install irrigation systems and are interested in learning about new irrigation technologies. In this space, participating exhibitors will present equipment, products and services that incorporate the latest technological solutions in irrigation that are dedicated to smart water management.

In addition, renewable energy on fruit and vegetable farms is a valuable opportunity for farmers to reduce costs and emissions. SMART ENERGY was created with the aim of promoting the transformation of energy use in the sector. It is aimed at fruit and vegetable producers, agriculture and energy consultants, installation companies, engineering companies, and technicians from public bodies and administrations. Leading companies in the renewable energy sector linked to agriculture will participate in this exhibition area; suppliers of renewable energy, electricity, green hydrogen, battery storage, bioenergy, solar pumping, self-supply, financing, etc., which will showcase all the new developments in energy efficiency aimed at fruit and vegetable farms.

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Towards a greener future!

Towards a greener future!

Green Ox Pallet Technology® has formed a new alliance with Boix Machinery, aimed at collaborating on a new route towards a greener future! Green OX Pallets, creator of Pallet Technology made of corrugated cardboard, and BOIX Machinery, leader in the creation of box assembly machines, which assemble pallets efficiently, have joined forces to scale the project of corrugated cardboard pallets worldwide.

Green OX Pallets, whose technology focuses on a corrugated pallet that offers, among other aspects, cost savings through improved efficiencies in the handling, storage and transportation of products, and BOIX Machinery, have joined forces, with an eye on the future and sustainability of user operations and the planet.

Both firms have the required experience to develop state-of-the-art machines for assembling pallets to be used in various industries, such as fresh produce, dry food, pharmaceuticals, medicines, technology, and car parts, among others.

The expansion of the Green OX pallets project is aimed at catapulting the technology to be able to offer high levels of standardised consumption in many countries at more stable prices. Current users wish to have their pallets in as many countries as possible, to ensure that all of their operations have the advantages in the geographical areas where their operations are concentrated.

BOIX Machinery and Green OX are working hard to achieve the best possible assembly technology. Very soon we will have more details regarding the progress of these intelligent machines.

Green OX is located in the US, Costa Rica and Spain, and will be opening operations in in Honduras, Colombia and Guatemala, which shows how the project is expanding towards global coverage. The concern is to develop trade that respects environmental sustainability.

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Fruit Logistica Innovation Award Nominees unveiled

The nominees for the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020 Innovation Award have been announced. The highest award of the fresh produce industry will be delivered on February 7, 2020 in Berlin. More than 78,000 professional visitors from the sector, from more than 135 countries, will be invited to vote on their innovation of the year. 

The ten nominees, who were chosen by a panel of experts from the entire fresh produce industry, will be exhibited at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020 in a special area between pavilions 20 and 21. The nominees are as follows: 

“Tomato YOOM ™”, Syngenta Seeds B.V., The Netherlands

“Tomato YOOM ™”, Syngenta Seeds B.V., The Netherlands

Hall 1.2, D-16

A new product line of a tomato with an unmistakable dark purple colour, rich in anthocyanins and a sweet and sour umami flavour. This innovative variety is suitable for all seasons and growing conditions, including artificial light.


“Violì”, Apofruit Italia Soc. Coop. Agricola, Italy

“Violì”, Apofruit Italia Soc. Coop. Agricola, Italy

Hall 2.2, A-08

A tender and soft artichoke hybrid, slightly purple in color and cultivated according to precise production specifications and control plans. This ensures consistent calibres and unique quality levels. Violì is available nine months a year.


“Coconut automatic opening machine K30”, Shanghai FruitPro Information Technology Co. Ltd, China

“Coconut automatic opening machine K30”, Shanghai FruitPro Information Technology Co. Ltd, China

Hall 9, D-07

The K30 is a microcomputer controlled machine that opens coconuts safely and hygienically using patented blades so that the consumer can enjoy both coconut water and meat. The algorithms automatically adjust the depth of the opening, as well as the adaptation time for each individual coconut.


“Compostable, Flexible, Printed, Packaging”, SILBO SP. Z.O.O., Poland

“Compostable, Flexible, Printed, Packaging”, SILBO SP. Z.O.O., Poland

Hall 7.1, B-07

Fruit and vegetable packaging without solvents, compostable and ecological, duly certified and manufactured with water-based inks and adhesives. Using flexographic technology, water-based inks can be printed on a wide variety of composite materials.


“Mosswool®”, Novarbo Oy, Finland

“Mosswool®”, Novarbo Oy, Finland

Hall 8.1, B-15

These panels of wool moss are harvested according to a patented ecological process and represent a sustainable alternative for the rock wool substrate in the cultivation of vegetables. Due to their organic raw material, they can be composted simply and profitably along with other crop residues or recycled after use.


“New Downy Mildew Resistant (High) Sweet Basil”, CN Seeds Ltd, United Kingdom

“New Downy Mildew Resistant (High) Sweet Basil”, CN Seeds Ltd, United Kingdom

Hall 1.2, A-13

Genetically resistant seeds that can be used worldwide to combat hairy mildew in the most common sweet basil variety, Ocimum. An ecological and cost-effective solution for a plant that is otherwise susceptible to diseases.


Proband V1000, project Service & Produktion GmbH, Germany

“Proband V1000”, project Service & Produktion GmbH, Germany

Hall 7.1b, A-06

The first banding machine with interchangeable frames that can process all bandwidths, from 25 to 60 millimetres, in different band thicknesses, from 35 to 210 micrometres. It is optimized to handle paper bands with a plastic content of less than 5%.


“Sinclair EcoLabel®”, Sinclair, United Kingdom

“Sinclair EcoLabel®”, Sinclair, United Kingdom

Hall 4.1, B-09

A high performance labelling solution, safe for food and fully compostable for fresh products, which disintegrates in 12 weeks and biodegrades in 180 days. OK compost, Industrial and Seedling certifies that the label complies with European standard EN13432 for compostable and biodegradable containers.

“Tenderstem Royale®”, SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE SAS, France

“SoFruMiniPak® EcoView”, SoFruPak ​​Witold Gaj, Poland

Hall B / CityCube / E-04

A simple quick-closing container for fruits and mushrooms, available with a separate or integrated lid. Renewable raw materials combined with good ventilation characteristics ensure optimized cooling and 100% biodegradability.


“Tenderstem Royale®”, SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE SAS, France

“Tenderstem Royale®”, SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE SAS, France

Hall 8.2, B-11

A natural cross between Chinese green cabbage and broccoli with an unmistakable purple stem. Each part is edible, from the stem to the tip. Sweet and tender stems are not only low in fat, sodium and sugar, but also rich in protein and fiber.

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ZUMEX® to present its success stories in Fruit Logistica with its industrial juicing projects

ZUMEX® to present its success stories in Fruit Logistica with its industrial juicing projects

How can you boost your juice business? ZUMEX®, world leader in developing and manufacturing innovative juicing systems for fruits and vegetables will present its successful solutions for meeting high demand for juice

Your successful solutions for meeting high juice demand

• The ZUMEX® Food Engineering division presents its JuiceTech solutions and industrial juicer lines developed in countries such as the United States, Australia, South Africa or Saudi Arabia, among other markets 

• In Berlin, ZUMEX® will showcase its juicer solutions for energising the fresh segment and allowing more fruits and vegetables to be sold to European retailers

The juice sector is undergoing a real revolution. While consumption of packaged juices is falling in Europe, other categories such as ColdPress juices and freshly squeezed juice in stores continue growing, thanks to the ZUMEX® Group, the juice business’s strategic development partner for designing innovative fruit and vegetable juicing systems. That is why the firm will exhibit its customised industrial juicing projects at Fruit Logistica 2020. ZUMEX® will be present from October 5 to 7 in Berlin with the latest developments in its food engineering line for businesses and its squeezed solutions for retail.

ZUMEX® is one of the few companies in the sector that designs and develops complete turnkey industrial solutions for the creation of juice production lines for the juice industry. Its customised projects are become increasingly prominent among juice producers and supermarkets throughout Europe, which the company aims to promote at the powerful Fruit Logistica fair. At the same event, ZUMEX® will present other extraction systems in its JuiceTech Solutions line, such as the Mastery cold pressed juice extractor or the Z450 ZUMEX®, an industrial citrus and pomegranate juicing machine.

ZUMEX® highlights the importance of the freshly squeezed juice segment in the store as a dynamic opportunity for the fresh area. The key premises that drive this growth are the convenience, the health benefits and the self-service experience provided by the firm’s juicing solutions. The customised juice corners fitted with the Speed ​​Series improve the fresh segments of large or small retailers with an organic character.

At the Berlin fair, the firm will also showcase other extraction systems in its JuiceTech Solutions line, such as the Mastery cold-pressed juice extractor or the Z450 from ZUMEX®, an industrial citrus and pomegranate juicer for large volumes, which has been implemented successfully in companies in almost thirty countries, such as the USA, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Colombia or Niger, among others. With these solutions, the food engineering division of ZUMEX® is working not only to serve the juice industry, but also catering companies, fruit marketers, citrus and vegetable producers of the convenience range, as well as manufacturers of cold press juices.

Through this international event, the firm will take the opportunity to strengthen its relationship with professionals in the international retail sector and with small and medium producers of fresh juices – all potential clients.


ZUMEX® Group has been a strategic reference partner for the development of the juice business and world leader for more than three decades in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. The firm is present in more than 100 countries through an extensive network of distributors and five subsidiaries (USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, France and Germany), which support its headquarters in Spain (Moncada-Valencia).

The company is renowned for developing customised technologies and exclusive systems and has three main business lines: food service & retail, food engineering, and vending.


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Indian startup Ninjacart backed by Walmart and Flipkart

Indian startup Ninjacart backed by Walmart and Flipkart, Credit: Business Standard
Credit: Business Standard



Indian online retailer Flipkart and its major stakeholder Walmart have invested in fresh produce startup, Ninjacart. Ninjacart connects fruit and vegetable growers with retailers and food service operators via its technology-integrated supply chain. The new partnership is intended to grant Indian retailers and consumers better access to high-quality fresh produce, while also supporting farmers.

The agreement will enable direct sourcing of fresh produce for Walmart India’s Best Price B2B cash-and-carry stores and Flipkart’s online grocery business Supermart. At the same time, it will also allow Ninjacart to expand its customer base, reach new cities and gain exposure to global best practices to enhance the efficiency of the local fresh produce ecosystem.

Nijacart currently operates over 200 collection centres and 1,200 warehouses across India, handling in excess of 1,400 tons of fresh produce per day, a volume that has doubled in the last four months.

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68 million boxes of Mexican mango for 2019

Empacadoras de Mango de Exportación (EMEX) will turn 28 in October. It groups 75 mango packers in Mexico with a hydrothermal treatment plant for the export of mango to international markets, mainly to the United States, which accounts for 90% of total exports. In 2018, the Association exported 65 million boxes of 4 kilos, and the projection for 2019 is to achieve 5% more, that is 68 million. Francisco Javier Villegas Ontiveros, chairman of the board of directors, said, “Our main market is US, with more than 90%, followed by Canada with 7%, and the remaining 3% is distributed in Asia, Oceania and Europe. The reason for our presence at Fruit Logistica, for the second year in a row, is to diversify our markets, while promoting the export of mango by ship to the EU. We believe there is a lot to develop in this market.” EMEX coordinates mango packers and producers in terms of research, phytosanitation, post-harvest treatment, and packing improvement, marketing. It takes care of the interests of this industry, functioning as an assistant in the coordination with Mexican and foreign authorities in the development of activities to be carried out jointly in the handling of the mango, nurturing the necessary conditions for the proper functioning of the work programmes and for the general improvement of the industry.

2nd International Congress of Mango Producers and Packers

One of the functions of EMEX is to promote new technologies for its members, be they in the mechanisation of processes in the field, in cultivation work or in packaging. That is why in 2017 it set up an International Congress of Mango Producers and Packers. This year, on November 21 and 22, the second edition will be held in Puerto Vallarta, where companies can offer innovations, while researchers can present their work. “Mexico is the world’s leading mango exporter and its fifth producer. We must position our local industry and attract other mango producers and exporters around the world to build the same vision,” said Villegas.

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ASOEX and FDF present programme for Chile’s fruit exports from the central-southern region


In Chile, a ‘Strategic Programme for the Export of Fruit Production’ has been announced for the South Central Zone. The project, coordinated by the Foundation for Fruit Development (FDF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile (ASOEX), and sin addition to the blueberry and kiwis committees, as well as university research departments, seeks to support the development and competitiveness of the fruit producing and exporting sector by offering tools to deal with climate change and the requirements of international markets. Chile is currently the leading fruit supplier in the Southern Hemisphere and fifth worldwide, as well as the world’s top exporter of table grapes, blueberries, plums and cherries.

The programme involves nine projects and three fruit species: blueberries, raspberries and kiwis. Four of these initiatives are aimed at blueberry, evaluating the field and post-harvest behaviour of two varieties in different productive zones under various cover systems, with positive initial results. Another project will seek a harvest forecast system for crop prediction analysis.

In raspberries, the focus is on obtaining new varieties resistant to diseases, and other conditions, through the Genetic Improvement Program (PMG) of the raspberry carried out by the Fruit Technology Consortium.

In the case of the kiwi, work is being conducted on genetics, especially to obtain Psa resistant varieties. This should provide information that will allow producers to be able to better decisions at the field level. In addition, a project is under development to create a preventive system to calculate harvest volumes of kiwis.

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Tomra celebrates its 45th anniversary following record revenue year

Almost 45 years later, TOMRA in 2016 noted record revenues of approximately €710m, with 90,000 systems installed in over 80 markets worldwide.

Since its founding on April 1, 1972, TOMRA has progressed from being a pioneer in automated recycling technology to a company today offering a diverse range of sensor-based solutions that are helping to lead a cross-industry revolution toward resource sustainability.

Starting in a small shed in Asker, Norway, the brothers Petter and Tore Planke created a solution to a problem: a local grocer wanted an automated machine that could quickly and easily take back used, empty bottles for recycling, and so TOMRA was born. By the end of 1972, TOMRA had installed 29 machines in Norway, and their successes quickly began to generate interest abroad.

Since those humble beginnings, TOMRA has diversified its offering and expanded its reach. During the first 30 years of its history, the company focused on growing its reverse vending business in markets with deposit systems for beverage packaging. In 2000, the company began developing a more comprehensive business platform, and through a number of strategic acquisitions during the past two decades, TOMRA has become a leading provider of optical sorting technology for a broad range of materials.

Almost 45 years later, TOMRA in 2016 noted record revenues of approximately €710m, with 90,000 systems installed in over 80 markets worldwide.

TOMRA’s sensor-based solutions are used today in reverse vending, recycling, mining and food sorting. Recycling applications include numerous waste streams and metals in which optical sorters support plant operators with effective recovery and sorting of valuable secondary resources, while TOMRA’s food sorting and peeling solutions are utilized to boost food processing capacity, quality, safety, yield and profit.

The company’s mining equipment ensures more efficient recovery of minerals and ores, and in 2015 located the Lucara Diamond in Botswana, the second-largest gem quality diamond in history. All told, TOMRA technology is playing a leading role in helping diverse industries attain efficient business processes, improve resource utilization and promote a better environment. 

Stefan Ranstrand, TOMRA President and CEO, said: “Our growth and longevity is due in part to the growing understanding that the world needs to utilize its natural resources in a better way to ensure sustainability. We are proud of the success our company has achieved thus far, and look forward to building on this in the years ahead as we continue to develop cutting-edge solutions for helping our customers meet their business needs and contribute to a better and more sustainable future.”

TOMRA at 45: Two strong business areas

In pursuing its mission to create sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity, TOMRA has built a robust company centered on two main business areas: Collection Solutions (reverse vending and material recovery) and Sorting Solutions (recycling, mining and food sorting).

To ensure new technology continues to support businesses and their objectives, it is important to continue focusing on how to transform the way in which the world obtains, uses and reuses its resources by looking at the next major innovations and how they can support environmental as well as business objectives.

Optimal resource productivity

“Global resources are under more pressure than ever before,” continues Ranstrand. “A growing population – and increasing consumption – mean finite resources are being used at an unsustainable pace. The world is consuming more resources and producing more waste than nature can replace or absorb each year. Now, more so than ever, the world needs a resource revolution.”

“TOMRA aspires to be a leader in the resource revolution by constantly exploring and enabling new means of optimizing resource productivity. In this way, TOMRA’s sensor-based technology is playing a pivotal role in supporting the circular economy and also helping organizations to increase productivity without having a detrimental impact on the environment.”

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Graziani-Packaging presents the Magic Corner X-Top corner board

Graziani-packaging presents the Magic Corner X-TOP corner board for the very first time in Italy

After marking its debut at Fruit-Attraction in Madrid, Graziani-packaging presents the Magic Corner X-TOP corner board for the very first time in Italy at Interpoma 2016. This brand new model of corner board is the Italian firm’s flagship product capable of meeting the needs of even the most demanding clientele in overseas markets, where logistics is a greater issue than in Europe. The product was developed using relatively smaller amounts of raw materials while attaining a significant increase in mechanical resistance during refrigeration. “This has all been achieved through the work of our internal research department,” said general manager Roberto Graziani. From early 2017, investments will allow the firm to increase production capacity in Italy by 20%. Over the course of 2016 the Italian-Spanish production units of GRAZIANI-PACKAGING reached sales of 80 million metres of corner boards worldwide and 160 million metres of strapping, corresponding to the shipping of approximately 10 million pallets of goods. With an average price of €1,000, that amounts to around €10 billion. This all goes to underline how fundamental these two products are to world trade.             

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INFIA celebrates 70 years

In 2017, leading Italian packaging company INFIA celebrates 70 years since its founding. During these seven decades INFIA has achieved a level of great prestige within the industry.

In 2017, leading Italian packaging company INFIA celebrates 70 years since its founding. During these seven decades INFIA has achieved a level of great prestige within the industry. Commercial manager Alessandro Mariani said, “Over the years INFIA has developed a brand that is synonymous with quality.” Mariani believes the secret of the firm’s success is very simple. “We have always kept a close eye on the needs of the market and have strived to meet these needs with solutions that are simple, practical, efficient, and of high quality, while always offering the best levels of service.”

One of the latest products to be unveiled by INFIA is called K29 – a 6-item model in a 30×40 sealable box that can therefore be stacked for better logistics (12 items in a 30×40 box). The box is produced in different heights and is designed principally for packaging small fruits. One special feature of this new product is that it allows differently coloured absorbent pads to be placed internally, while labels can be applied directly in-company. But that’s not all. Coming soon is a new multi-purpose kit for 12 items in a 40×60 zip-top box that can be used for everything from cherries to cherry tomatoes to grapes. Also soon to be launched is a 40×60 heat-sealed container for 20 items designed for the UK market. These innovations were made possible thanks in part to the firm’s expansion, completed at the end of 2016. The company also set up new production lines and automatic palletising systems to ensure greater levels of efficiency.