2% rise in agricultural land price in Spain

Mon 19/11/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
2% rise in agricultural land price in Spain

The average cost of land for agricultural use in Spain has risen by €200 per hectare, according to the Land Prices Survey 2017, published by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA). The most expensive agricultural land is in irrigated areas used for the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables (€178,389/ha, + 10% compared to 2016), fruit trees of subtropical climate (€113,576/ha, -1.1%), olives for processing (€42,007/ha, +0.6%) and citrus fruits (39,680/ha, +3.6%).

The cheapest lands are those devoted to rain-fed crops, specifically subtropical ones (€6,234/ha); herbaceous and fallow (€6,987/ha); dried fruits (€8,720/ha), temperate climate fruit trees (€8,720/ha) and grapes for wine (€13,563/ha), table grapes and raisins (€13,653/ha) and table olives (€15,114/ha).

The Canary Islands has by far the highest average price (€86,072/ha, -0.6%), followed by Andalusia (€19,957/ha, +2.4%), the Balearic Islands (€19,613/ha, +2.2%), Valencia (€18,788/ha, +3.6%) and Murcia (€17,988/ha, +5.1%). The cheapest lands are in Extremadura (€4,149/ha, +4.4%) and Aragón (€5,194/ha, -1.5%). The regions with the sharpest price increases were La Rioja (€12,800/ha, +6.9%) and Madrid (€7,479/ha, +6%).

Source: efeagro.com

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