19 fruit and vegetable products receive the 2022 Flavour of the Year Award

Mon 04/04/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

The winners of Spain’s 2022 Flavour of the Year Awards show that differentiation in the market is possible. The winners were chosen for their flavour, after a complete organoleptic tasting carried out by a panel of consumers, who assessed the characteristics of each product, where flavour, aroma and texture were decisive in reaching the final verdicts.

Every year the list of candidates for Flavour of the Year in the fruit and vegetable sector is increasing, with operators appreciating the opportunity it affords to stand out on the shelves with such a prestigious seal.

Here is a list of the winners:

Primeale gourmet microwave Brussels Sprout Hearts

No peeling or cleaning required, just pop the unopened bag in the microwave for 7 minutes and voila! Also, the bag is largely made of paper.

Fragaria strawberry from Fruits Ràfols

Winner for the second consecutive year, it is a high-quality strawberry, large in size, natural red in colour, with a consistent texture and an extraordinary flavour, with a very careful process from the 20 hectares of integrated production in the Huelva fields where it is grown. 

Fresh Cane Nature Gazpacho

Made exclusively with fresh ingredients and pasteurised using high-pressure cold processing, the soup has a shelf life of up to 9 weeks without no loss of properties or nutrients. It also obtained scooped the Top Innovation award for bottling, as it’s made using 50% recycled PET.

Glamour fresh premium mango

These mangoes are Kent variety harvested at their optimum ripening point, carefully selected, imported from Peru by plane and available all year round. They are tasty, refreshing, sweet, fibre-free and rich in nutrients.

Piel de Sapo melon from Bollo

These melons are faithful to the firm’s motto: ‘Melons Bollo, these are the good ones’. Over a hundred years of specialisation makes has seen Bollo “select the best land, seeds and cultivation techniques that guarantee the most important thing: flavour throughout the year”.

Fresh and natural grated tomato from Bonnysa

The company was a pioneer in launching this product on the market 15 years ago, responding to consumer demand for a grated tomato with flavour, fresh and natural, and with total convenience. 

Gabaceras banana from Europlátano

It has established itself as a benchmark for Canarian bananas, differentiated in quality and flavour, and cultivated in an artisanal way. Respect for farmers, workers and the environment positions it as a distinguished brand recognised by wholesalers and the most popular supermarket chains in Spain.

Cassarosa® tomato from Yuksel Seeds

Characterised by its ribbed shape and pearly pink colour, the tomato has a sweet flavour, in perfect balance with its good acidity, which provide a unique personality. In addition, it has an unmistakable aroma, reminiscent of the most traditional tomatoes.

Other winners:

  • Cherokee tomato from Hortícola Guadalfeo
  • Pears from Rincon de Soto
  • Sweet Palermo pepper from Rijk Zwaan
  • Lobello cherry tomato from Caparrós

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