Rising exports of Moroccan berries

<strong>Rising exports </strong>of Moroccan berries
The 2030 projection is for more than 350,000 tons of berry exports. In 2022, Morocco’s berry production included 3,400 ha of strawberries, 3,900 ha of blueberries, 4,100 of raspberries and 150 ha of others. Exports reached 214,000 tons of fresh and frozen berries in 2021/22, compared with 103,004 tons five years ago and 86,877 tons ten years ago.
Mon 03/07/2023 by By Pierre Escodo

Goldenberry Farms places emphasis on traceability

Goldenberry Farms places emphasis on traceability
The grower, packer and exporter of tropical fruits has launched a new website and grower interface with a focus on traceability and to promote awareness among consumers as to the […]
Wed 25/01/2023 by Gloria Zorrilla

Nova Siri Genetics launches new website

<strong>Nova Siri Genetics</strong> launches new website
Nova Siri Genetics aims to serve the needs of the sector through the NSG Network project, responding to the changing market requirements by sharing skills relating to all activities from […]
Thu 24/11/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla

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