Nova Siri Genetics launches new website

Thu 24/11/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Carmela Suriano, EMEA director at Nova Siri Genetics

Nova Siri Genetics aims to serve the needs of the sector through the NSG Network project, responding to the changing market requirements by sharing skills relating to all activities from nursery production to fruit ripening. EMEA director Carmela Suriano said: “The forecasts for the next campaign are very positive. The demand for nursery material for our varieties is growing and our market is expanding worldwide. In fact, our low-chill varieties are present in many production areas of the Mediterranean, including Italy, Spain and Greece. Characterised by their rusticity, precocity and excellent organoleptic properties, they are cultivated using techniques with low environmental impact to ensure increasingly abundant harvest size from the first winter months until the end of summer.”

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