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Salvi builds new grape pack-house

Italy is a large producer of table grapes with farming concentrated in two regions: Apulia (74.4%), and Sicily (19.7%). The table grapes marketed by UNACOA – a company involved in the global trade of of fruit and vegetables marketed under the Salvi brand – are harvested by C.J.O. (Ionic Consortium of Fruit and Vegetable Producers) in the region of Apulia, in the South East area of Bari (Rutigliano). An interesting development this year for Salvi is the start of construction of a new packhouse. Its goal is for all its production of seedless grapes is to have the same complete control and quality that characterizes Salvi fruit. “We’ve come to Bari to stay. Now our grapes will be produced, packaged and marketed by us, because it is precisely here in the Rutigliano where you get the best Italian grapes,” said commercial manager Oliver Stein. “We attach great importance to working on quality so that our grapes are positioned in the premium segment, returning to the level of high quality that has always typified Italian fruit. It is our ongoing task at Salvi, both as producers and growers, to ensure this happens,” Stein said.