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RK Growers’ exclusive rights to Arra grapes in Europe


“From the Growers to the World”, the Italian producers’ association RK Growers through the participation with AVI (Agricultural Variety Innovation) has exclusive rights to produce and sale the innovative program encompassing all ARRA grapes grown on European soil. “AVI is a very modern concept of work which sees marketing takes place under full transparency and the return on sales goes directly to the producer,” said Carlo Ligua partner in RK Growers. Crises are opportunities to use creativity and ingenuity to deal with new challenges – that’s the positive attitude of the members of RK Growers, which is currently one of Italy’s producer associations with the strongest growth. Focused on the export of Italian fruit, and with a dynamic and proactive approach, it has always been attentive to changing needs and trends. “We have allied our own production with that of other Italian producers so that together we can grow in the international markets with greater strength and better bargaining power,” explained the other partner of RK, Giacomo Nocentino,  who said that RK Growers’ vision of innovation is not only focused on the product but on how it is marketed. “We are always looking to be one step ahead” emphasized Paolo Carissimo, the third partne, in line with the company´s motto: “It’s all about what is next.”  Its Genoa office handles overseas trade, covering America, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, while Eastern Europe is managed out of Bologna. Its headquarters in Saluzzo, Piedmont, have handled trade in the rest of Europe and also act as a buying agent for Iberia Frucht