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Halls establishes operations in the Netherlands

Halls has acquired Columbus Exotics, a Netherlands-based company specialising in the sourcing and marketing of exotics produce within Europe.

Halls B.V. celebrates its 125th anniversary this year as a thriving vertically integrated business with operations now in four countries. It has incorporated a new office in Maasdijk, Netherlands, where Halls is already firmly established with activity across the value chain including importing, ripening and packing of fruit.

In January, Halls acquired Columbus Exotics, a Netherlands-based company which specialises in the sourcing and marketing of exotics produce within Europe. Halls, a grower-based organisation with operations in South Africa, France and the UK, is at the forefront of the production, sourcing and marketing of sub-tropical produce.

By acquiring Columbus Exotics, Halls said it will further enhance its ability to serve its European customer base with the consistent supply of quality fruit year-round.

Paul Devlin, managing director of Halls’ European Operations, said the combination of Halls’ vertically integrated market offering with the location and specific skills set of Columbus Exotics is an exciting development for the company.

“Through this acquisition I am thrilled to welcome Ate Kalsbeek and Arjan Verhagen, two very experienced marketing professionals, to our team,” Devlin said.

Ate Kalsbeek, who will head up Halls’ newly established Netherlands operations, said the development “will enhance Halls’ direct market offering combined with a wider range of exotics which will be available year round for customers throughout Europe.”