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BG Door presents mobile pre-cooling unit for soft fruit


From his stand at Fruit Logistica, Jan van Kessel reports that BG Door International has moved in with their long-time production partner Van der Heiden Systems in Barendrecht. The production facility has been considerably extended to further intensify their cooperation, and for all international sales they will act together under the name of BG Door International. Jan van Kessel: “It is very inspiring and efficient to be able to simply walk into the production department. We will develop even more products.” For over 25 years, BG Door International has been active as one of the world’s leading suppliers of ripening room doors and for the last couple of years in components for ripening room technology, too. 
Better quality and longer shelf life
Today, the product range has broadened with a new innovation in the form of a mobile pre-cooling unit. Jan van Kessel: “Soft fruit trade companies have been telling us about the importance of cooling down soft fruit—in particular berries—rapidly after harvesting them. This has inspired us to create our new mobile pre-cooling unit. It is designed for rapid cooling of the product straight from the field and thus ensures better product quality and a longer shelf-life.” The innovation is perfectly suitable for rapidly cooling all sorts of (soft) fruits and can be used in our customers’ existing cold store at the production locations. The mobile pre-cooling unit consists of a pre-fabricated unit with a suction wall construction in front of which the pallets can be positioned in 2 rows with an aisle in between. While the fan runs, pressure is created under the tarp in the centre of the unit, guiding the cool air over the products in the boxes.  The mobile pre-cool unit can handle 2 to 24 pallets. Different types of tarp systems are available depending on the customer’s needs. The pre-cooling system can also be delivered as a ceiling or wall system, using fixed points or as a complete pre-cool cell.  Jan van Kessel: “The installation uses the existing cool air from the cold store and distributes it actively and very efficiently through the product in the boxes. This allows the berries or other fruit, salads or groceries to cool down to the desired temperature rapidly.”