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Direct negotiations with 24 supermarket chains & importers from Ukraine & Belarus

Organisers have started scheduling meetings at the 6th International Trade Forum, which will be held on December 1, 2016, in conjunction with the 13th International Conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2016. Profitable decisions”, IEC, Kiev.

The organisers have started scheduling meetings at the 6th International Trade Forum, which will be held on December 1 in conjunction with the 13th International Conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2016. Profitable decisions”, IEC, Kiev.

The organizers also draw attention to the fact that preferential scheduling possibilities will be given to those companies that have confirmed their participation beforehand.

As regards the list of supermarket chains and importers, it is regularly updated and now includes the following buyers:

  • Auchan Ukraine
  • Eko-market
  • Veresen+
  • Kyiv-Zakhid
  • Varus
  • Fozzy Group
  • Billa
  • Kontinent
  • Star Fruit
  • West Retail
  • Alyans-Market
  • Ekspansiya
  • Libra Trade
  • Ukrainian Fruit & Vegetable Company
  • Karavan
  • Tavria-V
  • METRO Cash & Carry
  • Azov-Caribe
  • EuroFreshFruit
  • Avanta Trading House (Kolibris, Nash, 555 Stores)
  • Delikat Supermarket Chain
  • Obzhora Supermarket Chain
  • AIP Agrogroup
  • Eurotorg (Belarus)
  • Shuvar
  • ATB-Market
  • Pochatok
  • Trading House Kalinovka-Premium
  • FreshFoods
  • FreshAlternative

The trade forum is organised in a format of 15-minute negotiations between fruit and vegetable suppliers and purchasing managers of retail chains and importers, and the fact of the event being held within the conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2016. Profitable decisions” enables the participants both to conduct direct negotiations and receive exclusive analytical information on the fruit and vegetable market in the Eastern Europe.

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Convenience and quality in Belarus

Rublevskiy operates more than 70 convenience stores in Belarus

“Our company operates through 70 Rublevskiy brand stores”, said Tatiana Petrashkevich, head of the import department.

“The first store was opened 15 years ago in Minsk, and since then we have continued to develop the convenience store format, opening new shops in Minsk and in other Belarusian cities”.

The retailer offers fresh products and other fast moving goods to local residents, based on good quality and reasonable price. “The price/quality ratio has become the hottest issue recently due to the difficult economic situation,” Petrashkevich said. “That is why we are optimising all our work processes.”

More direct imports As a result, the retailer tends to import directly from producers, skipping the intermediaries.

“We have already begun to import fruit and vegetables from the producers of Poland and Turkey; now, when the stone fruit season begins we hope to find partners in Spain. That is why we are glad to participate in the Fruit Forum in Barcelona organized by PRODECA (the organisation promoting products from Catalonia).”

Rublevskiy is a socially-oriented retailer: the company offers special loyalty programs for retired people and participates in sponsorship programmes for non-commercial organisations. The retailer has a staff of over 4,000 employees.



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The largest retailers in Belarus



Successful strategy of directly sourcing and offering many quality products at affordable prices.


“Founded in the 1990s, our company began its activity as a small wholesaler,” explains Alexey Titov, head of Evrotorg’s fruit and vegetables department. “We imported products from Europe and distributed them in Minsk and other regions of Belarus. In the 2000s, the company opened its first retail stores under the brand name Euroopt, and it has now become the largest retailer in Belarus with over 270 stores with different formats, from mini-stores to hypermarkets.”

Fruit and vegetables take up a significant part of the sales. Most of the products are local: apples, cherries, cranberries and other fruits in summer; vegetables grown in open fields and in hot houses, etc.

However, imported products are also on the shelves in season (stone fruit) and all year round, too: cauliflowers, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, Iceberg lettuce, citrus, bananas, persimmon, grapes, etc.


RETAIL bielorusia Rodnaya_Storona2.JPG


Large assortment and direct imports at Evrotorg

The recently opened hypermarket in Pinsk is very nice and modern. Its fruit zone is Euroopt’s point of reference. The space for the fruit zone is very large and the customers can comfortably choose the fruit they like. In the same zone, there is a bar with freshly squeezed juices.

The department responsible for fruit and vegetable purchases is large and divided into 3 groups. The largest one deals with imports of banana and citrus fruit, the second largest with vegetables, and the third is responsible for all other fruit purchases.

As for the sources of the imported products, the largest volumes are brought from Poland and Turkey. Other exporters are Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece.


Rodnaya Storona, one of the most dynamic retailers in Belarus

The first store belonging to a Belarusian retailer under the brand of Rodnaya Storona was opened in 2007 in Gomel. Expanding fast, the company became one of three largest retailers in the country, with 90 stores all over Belarus and with over 4,000 employees.

“We are a dynamic company,” says Alesia Borisova, fruit and vegetable purchasing department specialist. “We intently follow market trends, consumers’ requirements, general trends and react at once.” Fresh products are very important for the brand, and the company’s specialists pay close attention to partnerships with fruit and vegetable suppliers who can offer good quality products.

“Belarus is a producer of essential fruit and vegetables: potatoes, carrots, cabbages, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, apples, etc.”, Borisova said.“But of course, a lot of fruit and vegetables in the assortment have to be imported.”



RETAIL bielarusia EVROTORG buyers.JPG

Evrotorg buyers


This is an abbreviated version of an article on page 28 of the retail section of edition 135 of Eurofresh Distribution magazine.


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