World’s grapefruit production climbs 4% and sets new record

Tue 05/03/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
South Africa’s grapefruit crop grows 4%

The world’s 2018/19 grapefruit crop is projected up 4% to a record 7 million tons, thanks to an improvement in the US crop and a bumper Chinese harvest benefitting from favourable weather and an expanded area. The world’s consumption is up 3% while exports are up 8%, thanks to the higher available supplies, according to USDA data.

Taking each country in turn, China’s grapefruit output is expected to be up 2% to a record 4.9 million tons, which will lead to record consumption and export volumes. After a disastrous weather-ravaged 2017/18 campaign, US production is projected to be 29% higher, reaching 606,000 tons. South African production is expected to increase 7% to a record 450,000 tons, while Mexican production is forecast unchanged at 445,000 tons. Turkey expects to record a record 270,000 tons of production. Although consumption is down due to weak consumer demand for the fruit, exports are expected to reach a record 200,000 tons.

Production in the EU is estimated up 4% to 112,000 tons due to a rise in area.  Consumption and export volumes are flat, while imports are expected to drop slightly due to the increase in supply.





Source: USDA

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