World demand grows for Italian seedless grapes

Mon 10/10/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
Many of the Italian growers’ new plantings are of the seedless variety but Italian seeded grapes continue to be synonymous with quality and tradition.

Seedless varieties are the new frontier for Italian table grapes, as the steadily increasing demand from consumers and the closure of some markets point in that direction even though traditional varieties maintain their high level of quality.

This year Italian grapes are showing good quality, the yield per hectare has been 25% lower than forecast, acidity is low and degrees Brix high, so it is fair to say that the objectives are being met. Where the growth lies, however, is above all in seedless grapes, and in fact all the new plantings are moving in that direction.

The main problems would seem to be on the export side, where several doors have recently closed.

Fruitimprese vice-chairman Giacomo Suglia said the closing of the Russian market was a real disaster for the Italian sector.

“A short while ago, Canada also forbade imports of Italian table grapes, and in the Far East too, a number of markets are still closed,” he said.

However, the world trend is showing clear growth in the demand for Italian seedless grapes and Italian growers are readying themselves for the future.


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