VIP unveils 100% paper packaging for apples

Italian apple consortium VIP presented its new 100% paper packaging at February’s BioFach exhibition in Nuremberg.
Mon 06/03/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The packaging features a linen net to provide product visibility and was launched on the market at the beginning of March.

According to a statement by VIP, the new packaging is emblematic of the consortium’s “attention to the fullest environmental sustainability”. VIP guarantees availability of organic apples for the entire year, with a wide variety portfolio:

“In addition to the Organic Golden Delicious, on the market from September for the next 12 months, and the Organic Gala, available from the end of August to April, VIP offers a range of organic club apples which have different tastes, ripening and marketing periods: SweeTango, Ambrosia, Kissabel, Envy, Kanzi and Cosmic Crisp, satisfying the requests of customers until late summer. This multiplicity of varieties provides advantages on several fronts: dividing the market risk, which is essential in such a convulsive moment; satisfying tastes and preferences of a variety of consumers; and serving the distribution chains of many countries around the world.”

VIP’s main markets are Italy and Germany, followed by northern Europe, Spain and the Middle East.


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