Fairtrade Foundation creates Endangered Aisle to highlight climate threat to UK staples

A pop-up store in London’s Shoreditch was the venue for the Fairtrade Foundation launch of ‘The Endangered Aisle’, which is aimed at highlighting the supermarket staples most at risk due to the climate crisis.
Mon 06/03/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

A new report published by the Fairtrade Foundation, which includes analysis by independent advisors 3Keel, has exposed the environmental risks that could threaten some of the UK’s favourite foods. The report notes that the supply chains for bananas, coffee, and cocoa originate from countries that are vulnerable to threats caused by climate change, deforestation, and biodiversity loss.

To highlight the threat, the Fairtrade Foundation has created an immersive retail space, ‘The Endangered Aisle’, emphasising the urgent need to protect the future of food and the small switches shoppers can make to play their part.

The launch coincided with Fairtrade Fortnight, the annual campaign that raises awareness around the importance of ensuring farmers are given a fair price to cover the increasing costs associated with the climate crisis.

Visitors experienced the reality of what the supermarket shop could be like in the near future, learn more about where their favourite supermarket staples come from and hear first-hand stories from Fairtrade producers about the challenges they face related to the climate crisis.

Almost half of UK banana imports (totalling more than 500,000 tons) originate from countries with high climate change vulnerability. Supplying the UK’s demand for bananas each year requires an estimated land footprint of over 34,000ha.


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