Uruguayan mandarins to enter Vietnam in 2023

Tue 10/01/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Vietnam has opened its doors to Uruguayan mandarin exports after years of intense negotiations. In 2020, Uruguay was considered an eligible country to export citrus, but had not gained final authorisation until now.

The Uruguayan Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement: “With the arrival of the new year, the phytosanitary requirements were agreed so that our country can export mandarins and their hybrids to Vietnam.”

Vietnam joins a list of markets open to Uruguayan citrus including the European Union, the US and China. This latest achievement represents a great opportunity to open other Asian markets for Uruguayan products.

Uruguay opened several new markets for its plant origin products in 2022, including blueberries to Israel, citrus to Peru and pecan nuts for the UK.


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