Turkish Greenhouse Market is expected to grow USD 136 million annually in next 5 years

Wed 31/10/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Turkish Greenhouse Market is expected to grow USD 136 million annually in next 5 years

Turkish Greenhouse Industry produces extremely qualified, modern greenhouses with affordable prices and at sufficient amounts now, while it used to import modern greenhouses and their equipment at very high cost. Chairman of Association of Greenhouse Construction, Hardware and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters (SERKONDER) Bülent Aytekin says,

” Our national production has been gaining momentum with increasing number of Turkish companies recently, thus it is providing us competitive advantage in both international and Turkish market.”

90 companies in Turkey, which 70 of them are local, operate in greenhouse construction and equipment. Whereas it is anticipated that market size of the sector will achieve TRY 1 billion with future investments, efforts to reduce import and increase export through local and national production have been accelerated. Association of Greenhouse Construction, Hardware and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters (SERKONDER) Chairman Bülent Aytekin says,

“It is predicted that global greenhouse market has a size of about USD 10 billion. Our goal is to improve our country’s greenhouse manufacturing sector and have a bigger slice of this cake. We can do it only by entering new markets.”

“We are aiming to meet the buyers particularly from Middle Eastern and African markets via Growtech.”

Stating that they have exported predominantly to Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Holland, and Germany recently, Chairman Aytekin adds,

“As SERKONDER, we will attend Growtech Eurasia Agricultural Fair to be held from 28 November – 01 December 2018, at Antalya Expo Center which is the biggest fair of greenhouse industry and international companies meet international visitors. Participation of 800 companies and brands from 30 countries is expected this year. This is such an important opportunity for us. We are planning to meet the buyers from particularly Middle Eastern and African markets via Growtech. Growtech provides us an opportunity to come together with big manufacturers and also greenhouse farmers at the same time while having 85,000 visitors on average every year.”

“As long as our country keeps up the momentum it has gained in greenhouse cultivation, we have the capacity to be 1st in Europe.”

Stating that Turkey is 2nd in Europe and 4th in the world in greenhouse sector, Growtech Brand Director Engin Er says,

“As long as our country keeps up the momentum it has gained in greenhouse sector, it has the capacity to be 1st in Europe. The greenhouse industry is pioneering the transformation of agriculture in Turkey, having gained a great momentum with technological developments and investments in recent years. And we have been organizing Growtech Eurasia 18th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Equipment Fair in Antalya for 18 years which is the world’s biggest exhibition in greenhouse industry. Growtech’s main theme ‘Global Engagement of Agriculture and Technology’ exactly matches what we aim to provide for greenhouse industry.”

Engin Er adds:

“We have been prepared to lead the agricultural sector to markets in need. Export is, once again, the focus of our International Growtech Eurasia Agricultural Fair this year. We create business volume of USD 600-700 million for the agricultural sector. And we prepare to host 85,000 visitors from more than 100 countries and 800 companies and brands from 30 countries to achieve our goal. Last year, we had country pavilions with participations of a lot of companies from Holland, China, Spain, and Korea. There will be national participations this year as well. Moreover, we will host the Hosted Buyer Program under the coordinatorship of T.R. Ministry of Commercial and with organization by West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAİB). We will provide a platform for private business meetings of international suppliers and buyers during the fair.”

ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards will be given for the 11th time in cooperation with Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support private sector and public agencies in agriculture for innovative products and services which creates sectoral awareness and reinforce added value of agricultural production. Agricultural Conversations, which drew great attention last year, will be held again and host leaders of the sector as speakers.

Turkish Greenhouse Market is Expected to Grow USD 136 million Annually in Next 5 Years…

It is expected that the global commercial greenhouse market will be USD 32.31 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 8.8 by 2021. Market growth is improving with increasing interest in greenhouse and production primarily in regions closer to cities.  The biggest driving force behind the market growth is heating and cooling technologies.  Increasing greenhouse investment especially in developing markets is another important trigger of the growth.

Turkish greenhouse market is expected to grow USD 136 million annually in the five-year period between 2016 and 2021. The largest product segments of the market fruit-vegetable growing greenhouses and flower-ornamental plant growing greenhouses and it is expected that these segments will remain the category leaders in future.

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