CMR GROUP has presented its new Logistics Platform in Madrid in an event that has gathered more than 300 people

Wed 31/10/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
CMR GROUP has presented its new Logistics Platform in Madrid in an event that has gathered more than 300 people

On October 24, CMR INFINITA, a subsidiary in Madrid of CMR GROUP, presented its new Logistics Platform in Mercamadrid to its suppliers, customers and collaborators.

The event brought together more than 300 people from the sector, who enjoyed a pleasant evening, in which besides having the opportunity to get to know the new CMR INFINITA facilities, they were able to share with the members of the company an original celebration that under the slogan of “Around the World in 80 Fruits”, and exhibiting 5 corners representing different areas and origins of the world, symbolized the wide network and variety of supply and product of the group at present.

Throughout the event, different parliaments of some of the most outstanding members of the group’s management were exposed. In them, it was emphasized the importance that the new Logistics Platform represents for CMR INFINITA and therefore for the Group in its strategy to consolidate its presence in the center, north and south of Spain, as well as in Portugal.

The new facilities, of 8,765m2, have 9 loading and unloading docks, 36 ripening rooms, a storage capacity of 2,765m2, a ripening capacity of 40,000 tons per year, 6 cold rooms, and a loading and unloading area of 1,200m2.

All this infrastructure will allow CMR INFINITA to offer a more complete and improved service to both suppliers and customers, differentiating its offer, providing it with an added value.

Acerca de CMR GROUP:

CMR es una empresa con más de un siglo en el comercio hortofrutícola y actualmente con la quinta generación en activo. Su correcta gestión ha permitido a la compañía lograr, a lo largo de los años, un crecimiento sostenido junto con sus socios, productores en origen que han encontrado en CMR Group la plataforma ideal para comercializar sus marcas y productos. Por otro lado, más de 3.000 clientes actualmente en activo, tienen a su disposición un proveedor que les ofrece una gama de productos de alta calidad de todo el mundo, con un suministro constante garantizado a través de su empresa matriz FRUITS CMR, así como sus filiales nacionales e internacionales, que cubren el mercado mayorista europeo en su conjunto.


CMR is a fifth generation company with more than a century in the fruit and vegetable business. Its right management policy has enabled the company to achieve, over the years, a sustained growth along with its partners, growers in origin who have found in CMR Group the ideal platform to market their brands and products. On the other hand, more than 3,000 customers currently active, have at their disposal a supplier who makes them available a range of top-quality produce from all over the world, with a guaranteed constant supply through its parent company FRUITS CMR, as well as its national and international subsidiaries, covering the European wholesale market as a whole.

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