Top Seeds presents its California pepper

Wed 27/02/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Top Seeds presents its California pepper

On Friday 22nd February, Top Seeds Iberian unveiled its line of California peppers, with valued varieties such as the red Arnon and Arrod, as well as the yellow Rommem and Carpintero varieties, and its new Galiano variety.

The success of this breeding house in the west of Almeria was reflected in the response of the public, with a thousand people attending the event at a well-known local restaurant.

The team of Top Seeds Iberica outlined its wide catalogue of varieties, whose main qualities are focused on productivity with a high level of resistance and good commercial projection, in addition to good crop management.

CEO Francisco Maleno commented at the end of the presentation that the event held on Friday has a lot to do with the great moment the company is experiencing: “We consider that we are already producing some of the best california pepper for the agriculture of Almeria.” To back  up this claim, we only need to look at Arnon – “among the top five in the province in terms of farmer preferences.”

Perhaps one of the best examples of the position currently occupied by Top Seeds Ibérica in california pepper is Galiano. This variety was developed for medium-late transplant and offers a solution to the consequences of “climate uncertainty”. Maleno stresses: “Galiano was not the result of chance. In the mid-late cycle, strong varieties prevailed in the market that demanded a lot of work from the farmer. Galiano develops a little more slowly but does not stop growing with the cold.” Therefore, it perfectly meets the expectations of Almerian farmers. Without good levels of resistance, Almeria agriculture would not be what it is today.

The same reflection should be made regarding profitability, which is fundamental for the economic sustainability of agricultural activity and, not least, the level of quality expected by demanding European markets.




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