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Gialiano, the Top Seeds International pepper beats the spanish cold

Gialiano, the Top Seeds International pepper beats the spanish cold

Thanks to the plant’s specific low-temperature resistance, the bright red variety      delivers top yields and quality even this year.

Galiano, Top Seeds International’s pepper variety recommended for medium-late transplanting, has successfully resisted the record-breaking cold that hit Spain in early January. The low temperatures caused considerable headaches for growers, whose crops were under severe risk.

A problem that did not affect growers of Galiano, pepper with medium-sized blocky-shaped fruit and a bright red colour. This variety’s ability to overcome the cold conditions derives from several different characteristics: first and foremost, its strong root system, its medium internode and the plant’s vigour allows to extend its production cycle. What’s more, the easy-setting flowers also showed excellent resistance to even the challenging temperatures. Last but not least, the good cracking resistance ensures crack-free fruit of impeccable quality.

Angel Pelegrina Sanchez, Country Manager Top Seeds Iberica

“Due to the freezing temperatures,” Ángel Pelegrina, Top Seeds Ibérica Country Manager, explained, “many growers found their production cycles ended earlier than expected. However, Galiano kept cropping without a break in spite of the severe weather conditions, without decrease in fruit quality, proving its worth as one of the varieties with fewest complaints in the destination markets and countries.” In fact, Galiano is particularly ideal for export thanks to its excellent shelf life.

“What’s more, the various cooperatives’ quality control rankings show very high success rates,” Mr. Pelegrina concluded, “making this variety a benchmark for medium-cycle pepper growers in the province of Almería”.

In addition, this variety, for mid-July to early August transplanting, has impressive cropping flexibility, allowing the number of pickings to be optimised to save labour.

Peppers, the complete Top Seeds International range

Galiano is just one representative of the Top Seeds International pepper portfolio, which comprises more Blocky pepper varieties such as Top Arrod, which is the same colour, features slightly flattened globe-shaped fruit, high yields and good flesh thickness. and Top Arnon, for medium-early transplanting. Top Rommem, on the other hand, is an attractive yellow colour: ideal for late transplanting, this variety has L-XL sized fruit with 4 clearly defined lobes. Ruiseñor, another yellow variety, offers high yields and is suitable for late growing.  

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Top Seeds Iberica an excellent quinquennium

Top Seeds Iberica an excellent quinquennium

Top seeds Iberica finishes 2019 with an excellent five-year period of growth and strengthening in the markets of Spain and Portugal. Top Seeds  is closing its stabilization plan in this 2019 very much alike to an economic plan , and faces a new five-year period of strategic growth under the umbrella of the parent company. The Enterprise is facing interesting changes at a world-wide level and is already planning new business lines.

This seeds company has been the smartest one when it comes to taking advantage of its size in order to penetrate nimbly in the market of the professional seeds. Therefore, its genuine optimal Project size has allowed it to shape to the market trends and so select and put the right product at the right time. A clear illustration of that are its pepper (Blocky) Galiano.

Speed, Decision and Adjustment

By the time that the rest of operators were still trying to imitate the leader of the segment of late-blocky-peppers Top Seeds Iberica had already announced it : “The market is about to change” and what is more, they did it openly, and just two years after that one-cycle late maturing peppers are part of the history due to prices not covering the necessary return for such a short time-bound campaign , but there it was Top Seeds Iberica with its pre-medium and post-medium long cycle peppers which are for sure fist-time known concepts but they are already history in Top Seeds Iberica. And his GM Mr. Francisco Maleno is working in innovative movements in the market.

The evaluation bias for variety selection

Mr. Bonifacio Bonachera points out that Top Seeds Iberica uses a technique known as “Survival Bias”, a very interesting theory applied in a quite original way by our manager, Mr. Francisco Maleno, among other statistical techniques which come from statistical and improvement work programmes used along the WWII based on Neyman´s work of statistical techniques in sequential analysis. “Survivors” are always the one studied in traditional analysis and they are selected upon the features that, at least theoretically, have made them survive. Nevertheless, we forget and omit about those members that have not survived and the reasons for them to not have succeeded. That way we are ignoring a huge amount of information which is probably the most important due to the fact that the remaining individuals are from time to time unimportant.


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Top Seeds presents its California pepper

Top Seeds presents its California pepper

On Friday 22nd February, Top Seeds Iberian unveiled its line of California peppers, with valued varieties such as the red Arnon and Arrod, as well as the yellow Rommem and Carpintero varieties, and its new Galiano variety.

The success of this breeding house in the west of Almeria was reflected in the response of the public, with a thousand people attending the event at a well-known local restaurant.

The team of Top Seeds Iberica outlined its wide catalogue of varieties, whose main qualities are focused on productivity with a high level of resistance and good commercial projection, in addition to good crop management.

CEO Francisco Maleno commented at the end of the presentation that the event held on Friday has a lot to do with the great moment the company is experiencing: “We consider that we are already producing some of the best california pepper for the agriculture of Almeria.” To back  up this claim, we only need to look at Arnon – “among the top five in the province in terms of farmer preferences.”

Perhaps one of the best examples of the position currently occupied by Top Seeds Ibérica in california pepper is Galiano. This variety was developed for medium-late transplant and offers a solution to the consequences of “climate uncertainty”. Maleno stresses: “Galiano was not the result of chance. In the mid-late cycle, strong varieties prevailed in the market that demanded a lot of work from the farmer. Galiano develops a little more slowly but does not stop growing with the cold.” Therefore, it perfectly meets the expectations of Almerian farmers. Without good levels of resistance, Almeria agriculture would not be what it is today.

The same reflection should be made regarding profitability, which is fundamental for the economic sustainability of agricultural activity and, not least, the level of quality expected by demanding European markets.


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Top Seeds International at Fruit Logistica with two new brands

Top Seeds International appoints new country manager for Mexico

The seed company, which specialises in research and marketing of innovative hybrid vegetable varieties, is making its debut at Fruit Logistica. The Amai and Ikigai brands are amongst the new product lines unveiled at the Berlin show.

Top Seeds International is taking part for the first time in the most important international fresh produce exhibition in Berlin from 6-8 February 2019 with a presence in two separate locations: an institutional space (Hall 1.2 – B18) where it is showcasing its many resilient and profitable varieties including tomato, pepper, cucumber, aubergine, melon and watermelon; and a stand devoted to new brands (Hall B – City Cube C04).

One of the new product lines unveiled by Top Seeds International at the show is Amai, a new brand that includes the Orange pepper variety, a long, orange-coloured fruit with exceptional taste and pulp ideal for both fresh consumption and industrial processing. It has a distinctive appearance as well as a thin skin, a small number of seeds and a long shelf life.

Along with this new variety, the company also presented the Ikigai line, consisting of the Yuka cherry plum tomato and the Mini On yellow mini-cherry tomato. The Yuka has elegant, uniform clusters of orange-coloured fruits with an average weight of 30-35 grams and excellent tolerance to cracking. The Mini On is a tomato for single-fruit harvesting with abundant flowers and a yellow-coloured fruit of average weight 15 grams.

The two brands were unveiled at two meetings held at the company’s stand in the City Cube on the first two days of the show and reserved for the press and international fruit and vegetable sector experts. Talks were given by Gianni Bernardotto, CEO of Top Seeds International, and Tetsu Watanabe, General manager of AgriScience Division – Mitsui & Co Ltd. At the end of the meetings, participants had a chance to taste the varieties sold by Top Seeds International.

“Horticulture is a constantly evolving sector,” explained Gianni Bernardotto CEO of Top Seeds International, “so to keep step with the needs of the market we aim to offer vegetable varieties with desirable characteristics and genetic resistance to a wide range of diseases. With the introduction of these two new brands, we are already able to meet these expectations.”

Amongst the cultivars suitable for greenhouse and open field cultivation, visitors showed particularly strong interest in the Tomachoc line, a range of tomatoes that stand out for their unmistakeable colour and shape, excellent organoleptic properties and high lycopene and carotenoid content, suitable for both fresh consumption and industrial processing.

Top Seeds International is an international company specializing in research and marketing of innovative hybrid varieties of high-quality vegetables. Founded in Israel in 2003, it operates worldwide through companies based in Spain, Italy and Mexico. Since May 2017, Top Seeds International has been owned by the group Mitsui & Co Ltd.

The company’s aim is to guarantee high yields and excellent-tasting fruit by selecting varieties with genetic resistance to a wide range of diseases. Through continuous field research, the company’s geneticists, agronomists and technicians select the best varieties of many different vegetable species in terms of resilience and profitability, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, melons and watermelons.

The company works closely with its customers in developing innovative varieties and concepts with the aim of meeting all their needs.

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Top Seeds Ibérica starts 4th campaign under Francisco Maleno Sánchez

Top Seeds is one of the most innovative companies in genetics in the world, only sells its own genetic products.

Over these four campaigns, the company has established its position among the top flight of companies for seeds. Indeed, Top Seeds is one of the most innovative companies in genetics in the world. Top Seeds Ibérica only sells its own genetic products. Over these years, the company has established a privileged position in Californian peppers with completely innovative varieties that are very resistant and versatile, performing far above the average varieties that have existed until now. In 2017, they released a new red California variety onto the market called “Galiano”, characteristic for being fairly late, very balanced with no great leaps in setting and a high yield. Francisco Maleno himself, the director of Top Seeds Ibérica, comments on what 2017 holds for the company: “Fortunately, this campaign is going to be exceptional for Top Seeds Ibérica’s pepper varieties since they are giving superior quality yields. Furthermore, 2017 will be the year when new tomato varieties will be launched onto the market. They are the result of four years of intense work preparing a very competitive catalogue. We do not move into the market just to remain halfway up the table.” This year, the company will complete its tomato cherry portfolio with exceptional varieties in all segments: vine tomato cherry with  Golan and Caprice; pear tomato with Parisi; yellow cherry tomato with Mini-on; zebra cherry tomato with Zohar and Lotz; and this year they will also launch two absolutely new varieties: a black cherry and an orange one. Maleno affirms that the traders and supermarkets who are trying them fully approve of them. Finally, for the black-topped tomato, 2017 will be the year of the Salmeron, which promises to revolutionise the market. It is a black top never before seen that is productive, resistant and has an incredible colour and taste that will be difficult to match.