The supersweet Envy ™ apple proves to be a star in its segment

Wed 24/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

In an extraordinary season for apples in Europe, Envy ™ has proven to be the star of its segment and is becoming increasingly popular in Spanish outlets. At the mid-way point of the marketing campaign, Nufri (the exclusive producers of this Club apple in Spain) and the VOG and VI.P Consortiums in the Italian Alps have all underlined how satisfied they are with the development of the season and the customer reaction. Nufri’s marketing manager, Jacky Feniello, said,

“Envy ™ is grown in areas with special micro-climates, like at our La Rasa plantation in Soria and in the most select areas of the Italian Alps, in Südtirol. This allows us to guarantee an extraordinary tasting product which consumers are getting to know and appreciate.”

Gerhard Dichgans, general manager of the VOG Consortium, adds,

“Sales of Envy ™ have shown great dynamism and continuity, which leaves us very satisfied. Spain has now become one of the key markets for this extraordinary apple, which has already established its place in Italian stores, and I have no doubt that we have more margin for growth in the future.”

“What is happening with the commercial success of Envy ™ makes us look to the future with confidence,” concludes Fabio Zanesco, marketing manager of the VI.P Consortium. “It shows that we must focus our varietal development programmes on products in which flavour is the main characteristic, so that we can give the consumer the best gastronomic experience.”

Production of the Envy ™ apple will progressively increase over the coming years thanks to a very precise planting programme adapted to each market, which European producers have agreed with T & G Global, the New Zealand company that owns the variety’s license.

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