Fresh cut mango taking off in Europe

European consumers are getting the taste for mangoes, largely thanks to the fibreless mango varieties and improved ripening methods.
Sat 26/11/2022 by Julie Butler
Tropical fruit is more popular since prices have become more affordable.

Mango consumption is rising in Europe despite difficulties in sourcing and increasing preference for local seasonal fruit. The fibreless mango varieties have become the standard, particularly Kent and Keitt, and there’s increasing demand for ripened and freshly cut mangoes, according to a report by the Dutch Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI). Also helping make the tropical fruit more popular is the fact prices have become more affordable, though they can still be volatile, the CBI says. Fresh cut mango is now available year-round in many European supermarkets and sold at high prices due to the processing and airfreight costs. Also in the high segment and gaining popularity are organic mangoes, though the CBI says they can be difficult to source.

Europe importing more mango

The Netherlands, Germany and, to a lesser extent, Spain, are the main trade hubs (re-exporters) for mangoes in Europe. Dutch imports of fresh or dried guavas, mangoes and mangosteens in 2021 reached nearly 250,000 tons (+8% YoY) and the German tonnage was 108,210 (+9% YoY). In the UK, Kantar data shows the spend at retail on fresh mango for the 52 weeks to June 12, 2022 was over £54 million (-1.63% YoY). Trends in the UK include diversification with tree-ripened and premium mango, fresh cut mango, and serving ethnic markets.

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