The Ondine programme keeps strengthening on Italian market

Ondine, a recognised brand of premium flat fruit, recently organised its “Annual Ondine Day” in Italy with partners Mazzoni, Agrintesa-Alegra and the recently incorporated Naturitalia.
Tue 29/11/2022 by Pierre Escodo
Ondine flat peach or "paraguayo"
Currently, Mazzoni has 80 hectares of Ondine flat nectarine, which is set to reach 115 hectares over the coming years. Mazzoni will also plant 35 hectares of different Ondine flat peach varieties to complete its range of flat fruit for the Italian market. During this past summer campaign, Ondine flat nectarines have reached different Italian supermarkets, with enormous success among consumers.

The Agrintesa cooperative has already planted 50 hectares of the Ondine flat nectarine varieties and by 2027 it will reach a total of 186 hectares, plus another 40 hectares of different Ondine flat peach varieties, whose production will be marketed by Alegra. The Naturitalia cooperative, the newest member of the Ondine programme, will plant 65 hectares of Ondine flat nectarines and 15 hectares of Ondine flat peaches, which will be marketed through a strategic partner.

Varieties under licence and advanced farming techniques

During the “Annual Ondine Day”, Agrintesa, Alegra, Mazzoni, Naturitalia and the management team of ASF Edition and Frutaria discussed different aspects of the production, packaging, marketing and quality standards of the flat nectarine and peach varieties of the Ondine programme, such as technical improvements of the plantations, marketing strategy and efforts to offer consumers the best possible taste experience.

All the varieties of the Ondine programme are protected under licence and can only be produced by authorised operators. Both Frutaria and ASF Edition seek to promote and strengthen the production and marketing of Ondine in the Italian market. The mission of this programme is to offer flat fruit of superior quality and flavour to more consumers every day.

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