The Italian taste of the Angello Solarelli mini pepper. A crunchy and healthy snack

With the growing demand for healthy snacks in Europe, the European project Fruit and Veg Natural Health! highlights the Angello Solarelli mini pepper, the flagship of Italian production.
Mon 21/11/2022 by Fruit and Veg Natural Health!

According to research Euromonitor Internationals Voice of the Consumer: Health and Nutrition Survey conducted by the Euromonitor institute in 2022, 58% of EU consumers want to improve their own eating habits, to replace products rich in sugars and fats with a healthier and more natural alternative. The protagonists of this change in consumption always seem to be more snacks which, in the healthy sector, are one of the trends of the moment with an annual growth forecast of +6.6% between 2022 and 2030, according to the data of Healthy Snacks Market Value Worldwide 2021-2030, with a market that already in 2021 was around $85.6 billion.

Among the healthy foods, peppers cannot be missing, which among all fruit and vegetables are the richest in vitamin C. One hundred grams of yellow peppers contain 187 mg of vitamin C, a record.

Fortunately, the brake on the consumption of peppers, linked above all to their difficult digestibility, is widely resolved with the Angello Solarelli type of snack peppers. Multicolor mini peppers highly digestible, they are seedless, crunchy and sweet and can be eaten in any shape time of day to fill up on vitamin C.

They are produced all year round but winter is their ideal season and it is in fact in this period that the Solarelli mini snacks brighten up the displays of children with their lively packaging and beautiful colours the fruit and vegetable departments and Italian tables.

“The request”, Gianluca Casadio, Marketing Manager of Apofruit Italia, the Group owner of the high quality Solarelli-Angello brand, declares “is constantly growing. Consumers are attracted by the beauty of the product and its characteristics of use. He also lived as anti-waste product, of which you eat everything, a very important requirement at the moment”.

The pepper is a vegetable of South American origin that has found an optimal environment in Italy for cultivation. It is extremely versatile from a botanical, agronomic and also point of view from the gastronomic one because it is endowed with an enormous natural biodiversity which it has allowed to the reseasrch of diversifying around shape, color, spiciness, digestibility, offering a wide range of types of consumption. Its characteristics have made it adaptable to the production area of Italy reaching an excellent organoleptic quality in our latitudes. Because of this, Angello Solarelli is a product resulting from the Italian agri-food Made in Italy that is made of territoriality, biodiversity and above all of productive culture.

In Italy, the production tradition has always stimulated the consumption of peppers which, according to one research of the permanent observatory GfK Consumer Panel were purchased, in 2021, by over 16.3 million Italian families, with a 62.8% penetration index. European citizens are not less, placing peppers among the first vegetables consumed immediately after tomatoes and onions, with almost 2 kg/year of total per capita consumption (source

Angello Solarelli should preferably be eaten raw, in delicious multicolor salads for appreciate its extraordinary crunchiness and to keep its nutritional characteristics intact, especially for vitamin C which, as known, is thermolabile but the baked or lightly pan-seared preparations. The enhancement of the Angello Solarelli mini pepper snack falls within the objectives of the Fruit and Veg Natural Health! project., funded by the European Union and AOP Vi.Va., together with some of the most important Italian companies in the fruit and vegetable sector, including that of promoting the consumption and knowledge of the values of fruit and vegetables among consumers in Italy, Romania and Nederlands.

All the information regarding its use in the kitchen, the nutritional intake and its characteristics qualities are available on the project website:

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