Takii: “our contribution to a healthier future is now more important than ever.”

Wed 27/05/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Takii: “our contribution to a healthier future is now more important than ever.”

Future consumers will attach far more importance to health and well-being food products over the coming years. In anticipation of this upcoming food movement, Takii recently launched its Phytorich concept, a range of flavourful vegetables containing exceeding levels of healthful phytonutrients. Today, Phytorich becomes particularly relevant in the wake of a healthier future.

Takii recently introduced ‘Phytorich’ in Europe after the brand matured and became recognised and preferred in Japan. The  ‘functional vegetable’ concept, with the Gochiso PR-7 tomato as the flagship product, is emphasizing the potential health benefits of phytonutrients. Exceeding levels of phytonutrients in Phytorich vegetables work as powerful health protection and have tremendous prevention potential. Essential traits that meet today’s needs according to Harm Custers, Head of Marketing at Takii Europe;

“We believe that increased costs in healthcare, increased longer life expectancy, and a desire to improve life quality will increase the demand for health-related food. With Phytorich, we meet the needs of health-conscious people with a taste for fresh who look for an alternative to supplementation as a nutrition intervention. The Corona pandemic underlines the importance of a diet that supports good health. In light of this, our contribution to a healthier future with Phytorich is now more important than ever.

In Europe, Takii is collaborating in a project entitled

“The value of vegetables and fruits” to evaluate and define methods measuring the impact of phytonutrients on health, together with business, institutions and governments. The goal of this initiative is to work on innovations in the sustainable production of healthier and safe food in a healthy and green environment.

Learn more about Takii’s Phytorich concept via www.phytorich.eu

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