Stemilt Cherries exported from the US to India find popularity among Indian consumers

Mon 31/08/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Stemilt Cherries exported from the US to India find popularity among Indian consumers

IG International has received an outstanding response for the export of Stemilt cherries from Wenatchee in Washington, the United States to India. The venture has been a success and has induced a taste and liking among Indian consumers for the fruits that had earlier been considered exotic. The sales have exceeded the expectation of all involved parties and the demand for Stemilt cherries is higher in Indian markets.

Before the finalization of the program, IG International saw an element of risk into it, and forecasting the sales was a matter of uncertainty. One of the driving factors for going ahead with the venture was the higher inclination that Indian consumers are showing towards fruits.

Stemilt Cherries: An immunity booster

Consumption of fruits is frequently associated with higher immunity and weight management. The demand of fruits has been higher across the country through the times of lockdown, wherein consumers were extra cautious regarding the health and well-being of their family and themselves.

Access to rarer varieties of fruits, such as Stemilt cherries induces variety for consumers’ platters. Having some sort of variety among fruits can be especially useful for consumers who do not have much of a taste for certain fruits.

Similarly, an advantage that comes with the consumption of Stemilt cherries is that it is easier to make them a part of baked foods, such as cakes and biscuits, and they can be used for pastries as well.

There are essentially numerous ways in which Stemilt Cherries can be a part of the diet for one’s family and oneself. One can consume them as a part of salads, milkshakes, and corn flakes.

IG International: Among the top importers of fresh produce in India

IG International is a conglomerate of 14 companies and has 50 years of experience behind them. The brand has proved its mettle in the arena of the import of fresh produce to India. It is a brand synonymous with quality and is dedicated to ensuring that the consumers get access only to the best quality and fresh produce. They procure produce from 22 countries and feature a procurement capacity for 32 fruits. This makes them among the most reliable corporate vendors across India.

IG International currently handles fresh fruits in volumes of 3500 – 4000 sq feet3 refrigerated containers. They have 28 wholesale outlets across India for the distribution of the products.

Beyond imports, IG International is a specialist in third-party logistics and temperature-controlled warehousing. They have facilities in Mumbai, Amravati, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Theog. Their fleet includes 50 refrigerated trucks and 50 refrigerated containers.

Stemilt cherries find numerous takers in the hospitality industry

A section of consumers for Stemilt cherries is from the hospitality industry. Sweet taste and distinctive colors of Stemilt cherries deliver a strong branding proposition for numerous high profile bakers. They are coming up with new recipes for using Stemilt cherries for their sweet and savory dishes. The bakers are also recreating the much loved age-old western recipes that use Stemilt cherries to best suit the preferences of Indian consumers. The success of the venture for import of Stemilt cherries to India leads us to believe that we will be using the product more frequently over the days to come, at bakeries, fruit marts, and outdoor diners.

Stemilt cherries are a chef’s delight

Professional chefs have been delighted to use Stemilt cherries for their recipes. Budding chefs at home have been equally responding to the variety, primarily because of the number of dishes that can be created using the cherries.

IG International has proactively marketed the product over social media, highlighting its nutritional value, immunity-boosting properties, and great taste.

Several top chefs across India, such as Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef Vicky Ratnani have collaborated with IG international and have used moon cherries from Stemilt for their recipes. This is an inspiration for all exotic food lovers to try out the cherries and create exquisite desserts and snacks using them. This lets consumers experience the taste of American meals right from the comfort of their home back in India.

The two chefs have come up with some exciting dishes using Stemilt cherries, which can be accessed over Instagram handles and hashtags such as #WhoIsTheCherryChief, @chefajaychopra, and @vickythechef.

A Mystery Box Challenge

IG Fruits, a subsidy of IG International has been creating engaging posts for the viewers, highlighting Stemilt cherries. They came up with the mystery box challenge over, wherein the ingredients of a dish made using Stemilt cherries were shown over a post, and the viewers were asked to guess the name of the dish. Winners were announced on 27th August and won gift hampers from IG Fruits.

In a similar challenge, the chefs have posted some nice recipes with images over Instagram. When viewers try out the recipe and send its images in response to the post, they stand to win gift hampers from IG fruits. Viewers are further offered a discount from IG fruits, to buy Stemilt cherries for the recipe.


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