Spanish kaki sector faces difficult 2020 season 

Mon 23/11/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Spanish kaki sector faces difficult 2020 season 

Spain’s 2020 kaki crop is expected to be relatively small this year due to unfavourable weather conditions and attacks from pests in the country’s main production area Valencia. This contrasts with last season’s record harvest, which led to low prices and a 6% reduction in acreage. This year’s harvest is projected to be down by as much as 45% from last season’s total of 450,000 tons. Recent flooding in Valencia have exacerbated an already difficult season, with farmers unable to enter the fields. This led to higher demand and prices. Sizes are generally larger this year and there is an abundance of second-class fruit.

Prices paid to producers are on average higher than last season, but pest control costs have cut into profit margins. Restrictions on the use of phytosanitary products have contributed to the spread of pests and fungi.

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