Spanish avocado export volumes rise as prices tumble

Thu 17/10/2019 by Richard Wilkinson

Spanish avocado exports were up again this year, rising 6% from the previous campaign. However, the lower sale price meant the value of the exports was actually 1% lower than in 2017/18, at about €225 million. The EU is the main market for the avocados grown in Andalusia, receiving 94% of the total export volume. The main destinations are France (35%), the Netherlands (14%), Germany (13%) and the UK (10%).

Prices were lower than average this season. After a sustained increase in recent years, the price paid to producers fell 16% this campaign to an average of €2.15 / kg. Farmers received €2.44 / kg for Category One fruit, which represented 76% of the volume marketed. The Hass variety, which accounts for 85% of all avocados marketed, fell in price by 14% to €2.65 / kg. But the sharpest fall was seen for the Bacon variety (40%). The price of the Fuerte variety was also significantly down (-23%).

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