Spaniards consume more vegetables and less fruit

Mon 03/12/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Spaniards consume more vegetables and less fruit

The Spanish have reduced their consumption of fruits and vegetables in the first eight months of 2018 by 1%, according to Fepex, with total volumes reaching 5.2 million kilos. The Spanish consume 167 kilos per capita, of which 90.3 kilos correspond to fruits, 56.2 kilos to vegetables, of which 20.5 million are accounted for by potatoes. However, these figures don’t tell the whole story. While fruit consumption fell by 3% to 2.8 million kilos, vegetable consumption was up 2.5%, according to data from the Panel of Food Consumption of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Feeding.

Fruit consumption in households from January to August 2018 decreased by 3%, totaling 2.795 million kilos, with decreases of a wide range of fruits such as oranges (-1%), apples (-8%), melons (- 2.6%), watermelons (-11.5%), and pits, with 15% less in the case of peaches, 2.5% less in apricots and 27% in plum. Also, grapes, kiwis and lemons also experienced declines, while tangerines, bananas, cherries and strawberries registered increases.

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