Samboa: harvesting success with sweetness, crunch, and juiciness

Mon 27/11/2023

Samboa, the new sensation in the world of apples has arrived – delighting palates with its exquisite qualities. Available all year round, this fruit offer three selective Brazilian varieties: Luiza, Venice and Isadora.  This apple is harvested when it reaches maturity on the tree, therefore guaranteeing maximum flavour and freshness. Its exceptional sweetness, crunchy texture and incomparable juiciness enchants consumers from the outset. This year has seen its launch on the market: a resounding success. Strategic promotions in wholesale markets, like Mercamadrid and Mercabarna, were a key milestone. Its taste has captivated the public, amazing us with its extraordinary flavour and benefits for fruit sellers and clients and encouraging them to welcome it. As the first club apple of the season, Samboa positions itself as the undisputed favourite, guaranteeing freshness all year round and success in promotions, winning over palates and hearts alike.

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