Russian discounter to open in Spain 

Russian budget retailer Mere, owned by the Svetofor Group, is to open stores across Spain this year. The firm claims that it will offer goods that are up to 20% cheaper than its rival supermarkets, with the range including everything from food and household goods to clothes and the latest gadgets.
Mon 15/02/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Russian discounter to open in Spain 

Managing director of Mere in Spain, Andrey Murzov, said that the stores will be

“spartan” and “no frills,”, but the savings on decor will allow really low prices.

“Everything is stocked on pallets or in boxes, in order to reduce overheads as much as possible and be able to offer very cheap products,” said Murzov. “This model of store is similar to what Lidl and Aldi used to do years ago. Our aim is to offer the best prices every day, thanks to a business concept that involves saving costs – rent, decoration and personnel.”

The retail giant has big plans, with more than 100 stores expected to be dotted around the country by 2025. This year, the first branch will open in May, expanding to 10 or 15 by the end of 2021. Although the exact locations of the supermarkets haven’t yet been finalised, they are expected to be launched in Andalucía, Valencia, Madrid, Murcia and Catalonia.

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