Record edition of Macfrut

This May’s edition of Macfrut in Rimini set new records, after three days of intense activity. The 40th edition of the leading event for the Italian fruit and vegetable sector, which was opened by the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella, attracted 49,700 visitors, up 29% from last year. The main event at the 2023 edition was International Blueberry Days, an international symposium dedicated to the increasingly important blueberry sector.
Mon 03/07/2023 by by Gabriele Orsi
The new Strabena tomato by Fri-El Green House
Sandro Colombi of Lamboseeds, chairman Roberto Castello and director Luciano Trentini of the Dolce Passione consortium
The entrance to Macfrut 2023 on the exhibition's second day.
General manager Alfredo Amoroso and international product manager Andrea Restuccia of MedHermes


presents Dafne F1, the Made in Italy netted melon

MedHermes has unveiled a major innovation with Dafne F1, the new sustainable Italian green-skin netted melon.: “Developed as part of our Best Melon supply chain project for the development of seedless melons and watermelons, Dafne F1 is a netted melon with ‘slice’ grooves that has a production calendar from mid-April to the end of July. It is currently grown in Sicily, Campania and Lazio. The project will be made official at the end of the 2023 campaign. It is innovative because it is the first time that we have presented a 100% Italian green-skin netted melon with such an intense aroma, with such a top-level shelf life and which is also sustainable thanks to its zero waste,” said general manager Alfredo Amoroso.

Fri-El Green House,

launches Strabena, the ultra-sweet strawberry-shaped tomato

Fri-El Green House has launched Strabena on the market, a new variety of cherry tomato characterised by its very sweet taste: “Strabena is a mini plum cherry tomato with a high sugar content of 8-9 Brix, a unique flavour and a strawberry shape. It is grown in hydroponic greenhouses with low environmental impact and available year-round. This elegant and sophisticated product has an attractive appearance matched by a unique taste thanks to its very high sugar content for this type. One variety is from De Ruiter with whom we have the exclusive rights for growing hydroponically for Italian and foreign production and distribution,” said Davide D’Ignoto, sales manager for Italy. Strabena’s production potential is around 14 tons per week, in addition to the 150 tons per week of cocktail tomatoes and the 120 tons per week of vine and premium vine tomatoes the company already guarantees. In the winter period, 25% of the volume is sold on the Italian market and 75% on foreign markets, while the reverse is the case in the summer period due to the higher prices fetched by exports in winter.

Dolce Passione,

becomes a production consortium

Dolce Passione has officially become a consortium. After making its debut a year ago, the black-skinned seedless watermelon created in collaboration by Lamboseeds, Alma Seges, Ortofrutta Castello and Lorenzini Naturamica, now enjoys a consortium structure for its production and promotion. “We have grown from an initial 60 ha to the current 200 ha. This will lead to tripling production in just one year. The characteristics that are bringing success to Dolce Passione are primarily its organoleptic and physical characteristics. It’s a watermelon that evokes the past, with its small spherical shape, its portability and its ease of use. But it also looks to the future by offering unique sweetness, crunchiness, colour and flavour,” said director Luciano Trentini.

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