Fruits de Ponent offers white-flesh stonefruit under OKI brand

Mon 03/07/2023
OKI and Fruits de Ponent are the two main brands of the largest stone fruit cooperative of Lerida.

With its sweet flavour and softer texture, white-flesh stonefruit is becoming ever more popular in Europe. At Lerida-based Spanish cooperative Fruits del Ponent, over 30% of the 50,000 tons of stonefruit it produces annually are of white-flesh varieties. Marketed under the OKI brand, they include all varieties of stonefruit: flat peach, flat nectarine, peach and nectarine. “Our white-fleshed fruits have 3-4 more degrees Brix,” said Josep Presseguer, manager of Fruits de Ponent. The cooperative supplies the OKI brand beyond the traditional markets of France and Spain. “Today all markets appreciate white-fleshed fruit for its flavour, premium quality and regularity,” said Presseguer.

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