Puglia’s table grape production growing

The 2022 table grape season in the Italian region of Puglia promises to be positive in terms of quality.
Fri 09/09/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
Agricoper general manager Giuseppe Liturri (on the right)
The new Autumn Crisp white seedless tardive grape by Apofruit
O.P. Meridia chairman Massimilano Del Core and a collaborator
Peviani’s summer campaigns are focused mainly on watermelons and seedless grapes.

“We have partly made up for the delays caused by the spring weather conditions and now expect a positive season, with good product quality and a slightly higher production than last year, both for traditional grapes and seedless varieties, which now account for 50% of the total and are in great demand,” said Giacomo Suglia, president of APEO.

Apofruit presents Autumn Crisp, the late seedless white grape

Apofruit has increased the share of organics in its wide range of seedless grapes and now looks to new mid-late varieties to enrich its offering for the autumn period: “Our production of seedless grapes in the Bari area is giving us great satisfaction and we anticipate a more regular campaign than last year. Around 30% of our seedless grapes are now organic, split equally between white, red and black varieties. Our organic products this year will not be limited to the traditional season but also include the late phase,” said director Ernesto Fornari.

O.P. Meridia presents organic seedless grapes

O.P. Meridia (Pignataro Group) is focusing on organic seedless grapes to diversify its range. “One of our companies in Agro Jonico is specialising in organic table grapes thanks to the particularly favourable soil and climatic conditions there. We’ve planted 40 ha of organic red and white seedless grapes of all the licensed varieties from the main international breeders, which will allow us to cover the whole season from the earliest part of July and August until the end of the year,” said the firm’s president, Massimiliano Del Core. The Pignataro Group has created a new commercial line under the O.P. Meridia brand that will be responsible for marketing the organic production and has registered the Cuor di Natura trademark which will be used for conventionally and organically grown table grapes and cherries.

Agricoper focuses increasingly on seedless varieties

Agricoper continues to concentrate its production on seedless grapes, which are now in great demand. “This year too we are focusing on seedless varieties. There is a lot of excitement. Our varietal research is always very strong and acts as our guiding star. We are always looking for new white, red and black varieties to complete the production calendar and offer grapes from June to the end of November. In addition, we are focusing attention on the sustainability of our packaging,” said manager Giuseppe Liturri. Agricoper’s most successful product in 2021 was Cotton Candy, a high-end flagship specialty reserved for a few select customers and also shipped to foreign markets such as Austria and Germany.

Peviani’s seedless grapes bring value to European retailers  

July marks the start of the seedless grape campaign, the category which has become Peviani’s flagship. Through a constant investment in cutting-edge agricultural technologies, the company offers tasty seedless grapes grown in their fields in Apulia. The company has become a real partner for large-scale retailers in this sector. In recent years, Peviani has focused on late high-quality crisp varieties in order to extend the commercial calendar until mid-December and gain competitive advantage over the other European suppliers.

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