Proyecta Ingenio achieves carbon neutrality

Tue 14/12/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

Proyecta Ingenio, an agroindustrial consulting and engineering entity, strives to address the sustainability challenges the agricultural sector is facing by leading by example. The Spanish firm has calculated the carbon footprint caused by its activities and taken reduction measures to reach carbon neutrality. This involved a compensation project managed by the Sustainable Forests entity, with a repopulation of 35 hectares of Mount Orzaduero in the Sierra de Gredos, which suffered a serious fire in 2009 and whose recovery is of vital importance as a historically lush area that serves as a green lung.

Achieving the goal of carbon neutrality has been possible thanks to the implementation of measures such as promoting teleworking, holding videoconferences instead of face-to-face visits (when possible), the use of more efficient vehicles, etc. Together with the commitment and awareness of the workforce, which undoubtedly plays a fundamental role, the firm has reduced its carbon footprint over the years to a carbon-neutral level through compensation projects.

In this way, Proyecta Ingenio clients can rest assured that the provision of services is aligned with their sustainability objectives, receiving a neutral emissions service.


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