ProducePay to revolutionise business fresh produce transactions

Tue 24/08/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

Los Angeles based Ag-Tech startup ProducePay plans to revolutionise the way fresh produce producers in Mexico and South America do business with distributors in the US with the launch of the Preferred Network online marketplace. This online marketplace consists of a network of companies committed to excellence, and changes the antiquated way in which growers and distributors carry out their transactions, a model that dates back more than 60 years.

The difference lies in the concept, since this is not a model of intermediaries, but rather a nucleus of alliances supported by the commitment of those who make it up; including the production, distribution, input suppliers and financial follow-up services to operations, and the benefits that ProducePay offers to strengthen commercial relationships within the core of its network, and thus, promote the success of all the parts that comprise it.

The ProducePay network of allies was conceived as a membership full of services, benefits and advantages for those who make it up, but at the same time, making clear the rights and obligations that allow the model to create the conditions that precisely make the difference.

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