Primaflor presents sustainability report based on ESG criteria

Wed 30/03/2022 by Primaflor - Translation Richard Wilkinson

Primaflor has presented its Sustainability Report based on ESG criteria, a strategic document of the company that includes all the actions carried out in relation to the sustainable development objectives that the company has in progress, gathered under the headings of care for the planet, people and the environment. Primaflor is one of the first companies in the agricultural sector to draw up a sustainability report based on ESG criteria, verified by Bureau Veritas.

In the environmental sphere, Primaflor has introduced recycled packaging in 16 convenience range products. It has also implemented a circular economy model in its production process by converting vegetable waste into compost for agricultural production farms. What’s more, Primaflor has installed a smart water distribution system in a robotic nursery to minimise consumption of water and other necessary products during the crop development process. Lastly, it has made continuous investments in machinery to improve environmental performance and energy efficiency.

In terms of energy, Primaflor has included electric cars in its business fleet, which in 2030 will account for 80% of the total. The factories, offices and warehouses, in turn, are illuminated by LED systems and the company has a 100% renewable electricity supply, saving more than 7,200 equivalent tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere, both in factories and warehouses, as well as in production. 

The company is also part of several European projects focused on the reduction of plastic, as well as developing precision agriculture for years to measure and optimise agricultural resources in a sustainable way.

For the year 2030, Primaflor’s roadmap implies a 10% reduction in water consumption, a 30% reduction in emissions, 100% use of waste, 80% of the electric fleet and the implementation of circular economy measures throughout the value chain.


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