Positive sales for fresh mushrooms branded Sapori del mio Orto

Mon 15/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

SIPO outlines an initial balance of the fresh mushrooms branded Sapori del mio Orto, a line of ready-to-cook dishes, both one-type and recipes, with high nutritional value and convenience for consumers.

Just over 3 months from the launch of its new line of fresh mushrooms branded Sapori del mio Orto, SIPO is satisfied with the sales figures, and some product shave gone beyond expectations. In particular, the best selling products are the sliced ​​champignon mushrooms, the stuffed champignon mushrooms and the mix of mushrooms to be sautéed.

Widening its range of products and restyling,which took place last October, allowed the company to break into new European markets and increase the number of customers in Italy, where the new products have been sold in some supermarkets  of Coop Alleanza and Coop Tirreno, Conad Romagna, DIMAR Group in Piedmont and CE.DI. Marche (“Si con Te” supermarket chain).

“We are continuing the commercial development plan and we are negotiating with various Italian and foreign distribution groups, in order to add the new line in the shops” highlights Elisa Monticelli, SIPO’s Marketing Manager. “We expect a further 20% increase in sales volumes in 2018, thanks to the acquisition of new customers and markets”.

Our mushrooms are distributed to retailers in practical 300 gram trays, already sorted, cleaned, stalk removed and ready to be cooked, and some products, even washed and ready to eat (sliced ​​mushrooms, mushroom salad, mushrooms to be sautéed, stuffed champignon). The fresh mushrooms branded Sapori del mio Orto are placed in the refrigerated counters of the Fruit and Vegetable sections, close to the IV range products. The line was designed to create a category management plan with the distribution labels, using a common packaging to distinguish the category, fixed weight for all products, a single bronze-color tray,which highlights the products’specificationsand a personalized label for each, ideal to explain in a simple and clear way the consumption methods and nutritional facts, illustrated by Giancarla Monticelli, nutritional biologist and consultant for SIPO.

Consisting of 12 choices, the line of fresh mushrooms branded Sapori del mioOrto is divided into two groups: the one-type mushrooms (Cardoncello, white or cream colored Champignon whole or sliced ​​, Portobello, Pleurotus) and the mushroom recipes(stuffed Champignon, mushroom ragout), mixto besautéed, mixed mushrooms, mushroom and vegetable salad, and mushrooms to bebaked, ready to cook in many different ways, from first courses to main courses and side dishes.

In order to encourage sell-out and customer loyalty, SIPO has organized a new competition with prizes (from 29th January to 11th March 2018) combined with a fun Quiz “What do you know about mushrooms?” which will make you learn fun facts, nutritional information and recipes from the world of mushrooms. By purchasing a product from the line and participating in the Quiz, every week consumers will be able to win a free supply of SIPO vegetables freshly picked and delivered directly to their homes.


CARDONCELLO. They are rich in interesting organoleptic qualities, with the presence of dietary fiber and protein, it is an ideal mushroom to be used in low-calorie diets as it is low in fat and calories. Very versatile in cooking: in a pan, risotto, in preparations and side dishes.

CHAMPIGNON: Whole, ideal for any dish. Raw, cooked, forstarters, risottos, side dishes.

SLICED CHAMPIGNON: Perfect for your salads, pizzas, bruschetta, risotto, savory pies.

PORTOBELLO: Breaded, in a pan, in burgers.

PLEUROTUS:Try grilled or sautéed.

Mushroom recipes

MUSHROOM RAGOUT. Celery, whole carrot, onion, whole champignon, honey mushrooms, Pletorus, parsley. Ready to prepare mushroom ragout, perfect for homemade pasta.

STUFFED CHAMPIGNON. Stuffed with carrots and parsley, they are ideal to be immediately cooked and ready in just a few minutes as a side dish.

MUSHROOM AND VEGETABLE SALAD. Finely sliced ​​white  champignon mushrooms, sliced ​​cream colour champignon mushrooms, carrots, celery, rocket, cherry tomatoes. Ready to bestuffed with chicken, cheese, or simply to season and enjoy.

MIXED MUSHROOMS. Excellent for your starters, sauces, soups and side dishes.

MUSHROOM MIX to be Sautéed. Tasty, already chopped, ready to season,main or side dishes.

MUSHROOMS to beBAKED. Small white champignons, cream colour champignons, cherry tomatoes, peeled white onions, rosemary. Turn on the oven and cook. Add bread crumbs and garlic, and your delicious dish is ready.




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