Peru’s grape output to rise 7% in 2018-19

Tue 30/10/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Peru’s grape output to rise 7% in 2018-19

Peru’s grape production has fully recovered from the El Niño year of 2017, which damaged the country’s crops.  Volumes are expected to be up 7% in 2018/2019 (October-September), reaching 540,000 tons, while exports are also up 7% to an estimated 385,000 tons. Grape production is recovering after heavy El Niño rains and unstable temperatures in early 2017 delayed harvest, reduced yields, and reduced quality. The main export market in 2017 remained the US, accounting for 33% of total shipments.

Grape production in Peru is mainly located in Ica (41%) and Piura (22%). The total area under cultivation is estimated at 30,000ha. Although the main variety produced is Red Globe, which is popular in the growing Chinese market, producers are also shifting towards higher value varieties to supply other markets. Indeed, over 20 varieties are now produced, the most popular of which are Crimson seedless, Flame seedless, Surgeon and Thompson seedless.

Domestic consumption is forecast to rise 4% in 2018/19, to 271,000 tons. The pisco industry is significant consumer of grapes. FAS Lima forecasts exports to climb 7% in 2018/19, to reach 385,000 tons. A third of exports go to the US, with the Netherlands and Hong Kong being the next most important destinations.

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