High hopes for second Prisco pink tomato campaign in Spain

Tue 30/10/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
High hopes for second Prisco pink tomato campaign in Spain

Last year’s production of the highly-valued pink tomato of Hijar has reached 120,000 kilos. The product is mainly sold in the local markets and gourmet stores. The prospects for the second annual campaign are good, both in terms of volume and quality. The Prisco pink tomatoes of Híjar are characterised by their great flavour and texture, and are cultivated in the province of Teruel. Prisco tomatoes are grown in 11,000 m2 of greenhouses. This pink tomato is fleshy, irregular and with a particularly fine and delicate skin. It weighs between 800 g and 1 kg.

Híjar’s 30,000 tomato plants are cultivated with advanced hydroponic farming systems. Pollination takes place 100% naturally, using bumblebees in the greenhouses and pest control is organic. Thanks to the climate of Híjar and the irrigation from the Martín River, pink Prisco tomatoes can be produced almost ten months of the year. They have been praised for their properties and versatility in the kitchen by leading chefs, such as the Torres brothers.

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