Om Gayatri (India), a consortium of fruit growers

Thu 25/04/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Om Gayatri (India), a consortium of fruit growers

Om Gayatri is a consortium of Indian grape farmers.

“Our members are some 500 small farmers who grow grapes and other fruits,” said coordinator Pratiksha Kale. “Each farm is on average 10 ha, so our capacity is about 200 tons of grapes monthly, plus around 50 tons of other fruit.” Fruits are distributed to the domestic market and exported to the Middle East and Sri Lanka. “Our farmers are in the process of GlobalG.A.P. certification,” said Kale. “After obtaining this certificate, we will diversify our markets by exporting some volume of fruits to Europe.”

Besides orchards, the company has a fruit nursery to ensure the best planting material for its contracted farmers.

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