More supermarket support needed to save UK topfruit industry 

The UK’s topfruit industry is under threat. This was the stark message launched at the 2022 National Fruit Show last week.
Wed 16/11/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Despite an excellent apple and pear crop this season, many growers will struggle to make a profit due to higher input costs of around 20-25 per cent, said Sarah Calcutt, executive chair of The National Fruit Show.

“The quality of the fruit on display here at the show is fantastic this year and it tastes incredible thanks to the growing season, but many growers are struggling. Growers urgently need more support from all retailers and we need them to understand the financial pressures growers are facing and to pay a fair price for the crops they grow,” she said.

Calcutt said it was disappointing to see large volumes of imported fruit (some 50 per cent) on retailer shelves at a time when they should be packed with British apples and pears.

“This is the best possible time to buy British fruit with the maximum number of varieties available and straight off the trees. We need the British public to support British growers and to buy British fruit at a really critical time to help the industry,” she said, adding that fruit has been left unpicked because growers can’t afford to pay the electricity to store them this season.


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