Major food exporters target ramping-up of production to stabilise global food supply

Mon 27/06/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Brazilian fruits. Copyright: ABRAFRUTAS.

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the US and Mexico have released a common statement that as major agricultural exporters they can strengthen global food security. They stress the need to adopt medium-term measures aimed at stabilising food prices and sustainably maximising agricultural production, in addition to promoting resilient, safe and sustainable global food systems for the future. The goal is to maximise the food supply to try to maintain price stability and ensure that war sanctions do not affect these products. The signatories also commit to providing humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable, with donations, as well as promoting best practices that enhance crop yields, agricultural production and trade.

In the long term, they aim to:

“intensify efforts to transform unsustainable agricultural inputs and food systems in ways that increase their sustainability, their resilience to shocks, their financial and social inclusiveness, and their accessibility for farmers.” 

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