Legros Bio tailors services to each individual client

Fri 03/12/2021 by Natalia Bammatova
Portrait of Arnaud Punzano. Copyright: Natalia Bammatova/Eurofresh Distribution.
Arnaud Punzano, buyer at Legros Bio.

“Some years ago, realising the rising interest in organics in Germany, we found that Spanish producers of organic vegetables had started to supply organic “ratatouille” vegetables: capsicum, courgettes, tomatoes, broccoli, etc.,” said Arnaud Punzano, buyer at Legros Bio, a French importer based in Perpignan (France). Since 2007, the range of products supplied by Legros has expanded considerably and now includes all kinds of vegetable, citrus and imported exotic fruit. Although it sources 80% of its products from Spain, the company has also been developing its production in France, which, along with Germany, is one of its largest markets.

“Today, our segment is very competitive,” said Punzano. “The growth in demand runs in parallel with the growth in production. This tendency became particularly evident during the pandemic, when the increased demand for healthy products resulted in price rises. So, we are constantly looking for innovative products, and adjust our services to the needs of every individual client.”

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