Limdor enters strategic union with Castang

Fri 03/12/2021 by Natalia Bammatova
Portrait of Maxime Laclaverie. Copyright: Natalia Bammatova/Eurofresh Distribution.
Maxime Laclaverie of the commercial department at Limdor & Castang.

At the start of 2021, two large French cooperatives of apple producers merged, creating the Limdor & Castang Company. Maxime Laclaverie of the commercial department said:

“This partnership is most promising. On the one side, Limdor grows Golden Delicious apples in the Limousin region, while on the other side, Castang complements this with a varied range of apple varieties grown in Périgord. This enables us to offer our customers very tasty apples with diverse tastes.”

In 2015, as part of the joint-venture, the companies installed beehives in their orchards and packing stations. This environmentally friendly project, called “BeeFriendly”, today has 2,500 hives, with the bees living freely there all year round. This very progressive initiative helps to protect biodiversity while also proving to consumers that production is carried out without harmful chemicals.

“In addition to all of the advantages of using bees for a more sustainable and pesticide-free agriculture, we are able to obtain up to 30 tons of honey per year, which is available on the fresh produce shelves alongside our apples at clients such as Intermarché, Monoprix, Carrefour and Grandfrais,” said Laclaverie.

The firm’s main clients are retailers and wholesalers in France, as well as in Belgium, Spain and some other countries.

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