Kiwi Atlántico extends its facilities

Mon 16/10/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

Kiwi Atlántico is making significant investments. This year, the biggest company trading in kiwis in Spain expects to increase its volume and is therefore extending its facilities to 1,000 m2 to improve storage and distribution for this volume. This project has economic backing from the Galician regional government’s Department for Rural Environment, thereby confirming Kiwi Atlántico as one of the most significant Kiwi companies in Europe. The company is also going to start building a new roofed area for a warehouse of 958 m2 for cold rooms, in addition to the extension to the current packaging zone of 734 m2 and a new ripening room of 53 m2 that will be used to handle the 40,000 kg of fruit they move every day. Furthermore, temperature control of the refrigerated areas will be improved. They will have two new preservation rooms (for 1,500 tons more of storage) and the most modern packing machinery. These investments, valued at €3 million, are planned to be finished in two years.

 “The decision to extend the facilities was taken after finishing the innovative project “Fábrica 4.0”, geared towards non-destructive fruit selection so as to make the kiwis more uniform in batches according to their Brix levels (sugar), hardness, firmness and dry matter. So from now on, the fruit will always come to the consumer with 100% uniform ripening,” explains Carlos Vila, manager of Kiwi Atlántico.

“You deserve the most natural” is the latest promotional image for Kiwi Atlántico, conveying naturalness, freshness and greater proximity to the end consumer. This campaign will be launched during the Fruit Attraction international fair in Madrid at the stand in Hall 6-B04A they are sharing with other members of the “5 a day” association.

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